Is there a better Jag than this

Discussion in '1990 Lister Le Mans' started by LiquidChild, Aug 10, 2002.

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    Its a very heavliy breathed on Jag XJS to be exact.<!-- Signature -->
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    yes but this is a tough car with high performances.
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    Looks like a Porsche... Lister have been known to make quality cars, but this sure isnt their best... :p *the 0-60 is great!*
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    Just because it goes from 0-60 in 4.4 doesnt make it a bad car. Again another person who only looks at the stats.
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    You wanna waste money, buy this! Compare it to other same year cars and see what you can buy for that kinda dough!
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    Most listers are VERY nice but
    this looks like a deform porsche
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    LiquidChild, you a *****. YOU ARE SO WRONG.
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    Its great that somebody tuned a XJS always a good looking jag but underpowered. This must bea great interstate cruiser(or Bahnstormer).
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    Tom Walkinshaw Racing has modified Jaguar XJS's for while now, and have even modified one to 7.0L and twin supercharged it...thats power...and odds are the jag v12 still isnt tuned to its maximum potential...
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    Can you be more specific, before you fob a car off? I can't think of a single Porsche that looks like this.
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    I remember when this came out. I remember the suede dashboard!.
    The car was a Jag XJS V12 with the earlier pre-HE model cylinder heads, which Laurence Pearce, son of Warren Pearce (Boss of WPA Automotive) had said allows for better tuning.
    They had longer rear quarter windows especially made, and also replaced the vertical windscreen with glass from the back of an Aston martin Virage. This improved the rear accomodation immensley.

    At the front, the small radiator grill was dispensed with, and the bonnet faired into the bumper. To further increase the aerodynamics, lead filler was used to plug the gaps. The wheel acrches were pulled out to cater for the wider tyres

    Absolutely awesome car. Superb engineering.
  12. I prefer what Arden does with Jags a little more than Lister.

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