Is there a replacement for displacement???

Discussion in '2000 Honda S2000' started by skylineman123, Apr 22, 2003.

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    "If this is true, then why did Honda increase the displacement of the engine knowing that they couldn't keep the hp/L the same because the pistons couldn't travel the longer distance and keep up the speed"

    It's not because of what you claim, it's so that the car is more driveable, more torque at lower rpms provides this, but does not have as much potential for racing purposes. They're making the car more "user friendly" for those idiot 30+ yuppies who don't know how to drive.
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    Yes, the car is heavy for its structure. I don`t know why Honda would make this stuped mistake. I like this car it is fast and cool only she needs a little weight reduction thats all
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    Well, it's a roadster, the structure must be made extremely strong. And having a strong structure usually means more weight. BTW, the s2000 is lighter than boxster s, audi tt, and bmw z4.
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    Another reason I think the S2000 is a bit heavy was explained quite well to me a couple days ago when I watched one pulling out from a stop light turning left, he put to much into it, spun it out into a 180 and slammed the rear driver side wheel into the curb shattering the brake rotor. I was pretty damn impressed considering it was dry and he had brand new tires. This was just some punk kid who got the car as a high school graduation present (I talked to him, I wanted to buy the car, he wouldn't go for it), so you know he drives like an idiot most of the time. If the car was lighter you would see this kind of thing happening a lot more often.

    I know this has a relevance some how, but I'm to damn tired to really think about it, and I just feel like telling everyone about this engine. I got to ride in a friend of a friends 68 mustang with a 351 cleveland in it. now this guy really knows what he is doing, he recently had it dynoed, and he's getting almost 700hp out of it... on pump gas mind you. The most amazing thing to me about this engine though, is he's managed to get the redline close to 10,000 rpm. When I rode in it with him he tried to scare me with a couple of 9,000rpm shifts. I just gotta say, that a V8 sounds like it's going to eat you at those RPM ranges.
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    Since i own a 4 banger turbo (180SX) this may seem a little strange...but i think that ON THE STREET a larger displacement is a much better choice. Turbos LOVE to eat petrol, the only thing that saves them is the small capacity, and turbo lag is annoying when you are cruising along at 2000rpm and a gap opens up in front and u have to gun 4 it.
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    Huh, that's a bit odd to me, I actually got better mileage when I changed to the turbo engine in my car. But yes I totally agree with you, I'd much rather have large displacement for street racing, I know earlier today I was wishing for an extra litre or two when I started racing a friend of my dad's in his '34 coupe hotrod, I was downshifting like crazy to catch up to him when ever he'd step on it.
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    That's not because of the weight, that was a result of the 50/50 weight distribution: More controllable, but the rear comes out more easily.

    The car is Very light for its class though.

    Personally, I've never been in a vehicle with a V8 revving that high, though I have been in one revving at 7000rpm, and I must admit, while the V8 sounded awesome, it didn't give me nearly as much of a rush as when I drove an S2000 and revved to (almost) 9000 a few times before shifting.
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    The S2000 is, or should i say, was proned to oversteer ( i said was becuz Honda made some changes to the new s2000). Anyways, that driver in that s2000 u were talking about must be a!
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    Oh he was, it was a 2003 S2000 by the way, he'd only had it a week. This is why I say that kids should buy there own damn cars, this kid had this thing given to him so he doesn't care what happens to it, when he wrecked he just acked like nothing had happend, cause he knew mommy and daddy were gonna pay for it. If that guy had bought that car himself it would have been a different story.
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    Showoff! I have many of this kind of people at my school. After school each day, I hear tires screeching and engines roaring, quite annoying.
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    Oh the best thing I ever remember happening was when I was pulling out of the parking lot at my college a dumbass kid was in a civic in front of me, and he obviously wanted to race me, which I consider very funny cause there are no fast civics what so ever where I live, hell I have beat em in races in my POS nissan pickup, civics are a great car, but they have no power what so ever(well unless you swap engine that is). Well he must have wound it up to redline and then dumped the clutch, cause he did a small burnout... then I hear a loud bang (I'm hearing this over his coffee can exhaust) and I see a big chunk of metal fall from under his car, taking out a tire on it's way back and he just barely makes it off the road. On closer examination I see that it's his clutch and part of his tranny, I just swerved around it and kept going. What made this even better for me is that I wasn't even trying to race him, I know better than to do it near cumpus. Cumpus security likes to write down liscense plate numbers so police can pull us over for stupid stuff like that <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    civic sedans aren't even made for racing lol! My friend at my high school has a 2000 civic sir (civic si in the US). It's a quick car. THe engine's noise is nice and it's free revving. Not a bad car at all.
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    Where I live is very odd for civics... all these dumbass kids mess around with the sedans and hatchbacks, and think they have made a fast car when it can turn a high 15 sec at the strip. And the only si's I ever see are driven by grandma's. Lots of integra's doing hte same thing as well, and damn near everyone around here has a serious aversion to turbo. Where I live I've got probably the fastest 4 cylinder import around, and I really haven't done all that much to it. Just no one around here knows what the hell they are doing. If one of em got into a WRX STi and put exhaust on it they'd have a faster car than mine, but no one seems to be smart enough to do that.
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    The Si makes a good race car, not in acceleration, it's fairly quick, just not outright fast, but all-round it makes a pretty good car for racing, it's well balanced between acceleration and handling. It doesn't take much for an Si to be faster than an MR-2 (MR-2's aren't very fast, they just handle well because they're MR and very light).

    Most of them probably couldn't afford an STi, and nothing would need to be modified, stock it's considerably faster than the MR-2.
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    yeah stock vs stock an STi is quite a bit faster. I'm just going on the fact that my MR2 has enough mods that I'm getting into the high 12's... which is about where the STi is stock. The JDM MR2 isn't to bad, it get's into the mid range 13's stock. The US version isn't as good, it's to restricted cause of emmesion laws in california. But hell, 200hp out of a 4 banger wasn't something to laugh at back when that engine was new. And the 245hp the jdm was getting was even better, which is pretty much the same engine, except a different turbo and less restricting exhaust. Main reason I think I like the MR2 is the rarity, and the engine can take a massive beating thanks to toyota seriously over engineering it, don't even really need to replace internals unless you want to go past about 400hp. Biggest fault the engine has is a bad computer, toyota really has that computer detuning the engine for some reason. There are some really funny rumors about that. one of my favorites cause I think it's complete rubbish, is that toyota didn't want the MR2 out peforming the supra. I think the truth has something more to do with toyota was over engineering again, and didn't go for a little more power cause they wanted reliability.
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    STi is nice, but i like Lan Evo more. Does anyone know when will they ever import the EVO to Canada?
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    I don't really like the evo. The way mitsubishi decided to get that much power out of it really makes me question how reliable it's gonna be. 19psi is a hell of a lot of pressure to be driving under at all times, and mitsubishi kind of makes a crappy car to start with, at least that's been my experience. I just don't have a very high opinion of mitsubishi.
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    I've never thought about the reliability problem of the Evo, since i dun't see that many Evos in Canada....The Evolution, if we don't talk about its reliability, is quite attractive. 300hp = more than enough power; 4 doors = easy access, 4wd = traction at all time... And the price is quite good too. That's wut i think about the EVO.
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    I thought the evo was only getting 275hp... and for the 2004 model they maneged to get the torque up to 300lbs. I know in almost all the tests with the STi vs the EVO they came out almost identical in every aspect. If given the choice ignoring reliability I'd take the EVO just cause I like hte way it looks better, but toss reliability into the equation and I won't even consider the EVO. I'm a real stickler about reliability cause I usually keep my cars till they wreck or break down completly, I get too damn attached to the things.
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    the EVO 8 only produces 260 something hp from the engine.
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    The American EVO doesn't have as much power as the Japanese one because of emission problem. Also, the American one is much heavier because the front part of the car has to be made stronger (thus, heavier) to meet the crashing test requirements. Furthermore, it doesn't have AYC (which is quite important for the EVO in terms of handling) .Despite these facts, it still performs equally with the STi, that's really amazing for me. IN Japan, though Mitsubishi says the EVO has 280ps, in reality, it's making at least 300hp, just like many other Japanese cars (not just sports cars). Given the facts that the Japanese Evo is lighter, more power, and AYC is available, it should at least perform better than the American EVO.

    Anyways, if the EVO has reliability problem, then i dun't think i will buy it, unless i will become a rich man.
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    I agree realize this, and I know that they took a little away from the pure racing aura of the car. My only point was that people shouldn't keep saying that if honda wanted to they could put a 4l v8 in the s2000 and it would be 480hp natrally aspirated. It just can't be done within any reasonable cost budget. The only large displacment car that is close to this is the Enzo. I'm just tired of people acting like american manufacturers are ignorant for using large displacement engines and are too inept to get performance any other way. Also,as far as having your peak torque at high rpm's to get optimal hp, the optimal torque situation is to have most of the torque available at 1500rpm's and peak at about 2500rpm's then have a nice long plateau. The cars that are tuned like this are the easiest to drive in road situations and also have the best acceleration. We don't leave on a racetrack. Compare the acceleration of the 2000 BMW M roadster and the 2000 s2000. Same hp but the roadster beats it off the line.
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    I agree that people shouldn't keep saying that if honda wanted to they could put a 4l v8 in the s2000 and it would be 480hp natrally aspirated. I mean, the S2000 is made for the Autobahn.

    For city driving, having low-end torque is definitely good. But for racing, hp is the key.

    As for the M roadster and S2000, the M roadster will certainly beat the S2000 if both of them start accelerating at 1000rpm (no revving to 5000rpm and then drop the clutch).
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    Here's what I gotta say on the "No Replacement for Displacement" comment.

    It's true. But this quote only refers to gaining more power. Displacement is simply getting bigger room for the peanuts, in Honda rulez' case. You can use force induction or shorter strokes and bigger bores, but chamber size will get you the most power, because with larger combustion chambers, you have more room for fuel. Simple as that.

    But power isn't everything, and when people ***** about the S2000 having no torque, they wouldn't know jack shit about the car. The S2000 was meant to corner with high speeds with perfect balance, and that's what the S2000 does. If the S2000 had a V8, the engine would ruin the car's original philosophy. It would be an awesome drag racer, but that's not what the car is meant for. It was meant to glide through corners at high speeds, and it does so by driving at high RPMs without having brute power messing up the whole car by causing it to understeer or spin out.

    That is why I have upmost respect for the S2000. It does what it was meant to do with precision and balance.

    I like the NSX, but I do think it could use a bit more power if it wants to compete with the big boys. A 3.6L version of the V6 with an 8000 RPM redline or so would do the trick. It'll have enough torque to even put some big boys to shame.

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