Is this a race worthy car?

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    1600Kg is the target that Bugatti have set. I think they originally set 1500Kg but realised that they couldn't out everything they wanted and get that weight. That said the Engine is very light for a 8 liter 16 cylinder.
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    The car has 1001 hp DIN (or 1001 PS if you prefer) which converts to 987 hp on the SAE scale. It has to do with the different test conditions required by the two different standards. The conversion factor is:

    DIN hp = SAE hp * 1.0139
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    hello...after this im going to check on the videos...but i wanted to comment on the ferri freack, speeddemon ...could you car buffs do a little research on the 550 koenig twin turbo...its one crazy car...also, i dont think this car would do good as an LMP car at would definetely win on the GT level many horses does the viper GT have...ot the seems that they have been winning steadily lately, but i think this bugatti has something in store for them....*i also saw the owner mentioned in he...if you read this, can you put more info on the 550? and are there any articles written on it anywhere? very interested
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    I don't think anyone was implying that the Veyron could be turned into an LMP car, only that if Bugatti were to race at LeMans, they might develop an LMP car instead of entering the Veyron in the GT or GTS class.

    I'm not too sure about the Viper, but the GTS-class Corvette is said to have between 650 and 700 hp. One can purchase the C5R engine in the GTS-class Corvette from GM Performance, and GM Performance quotes 650 hp for it. I imagine in full racing trim, it's closer to 700 hp.
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    who sais this car is ugly?
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    People with no taste.
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    People who can't spell says.
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    some people say that bugatti dont have the past, or the glory, or a history, when really theyve been round as long as ferrari, and the Veyron was one of bugatti's best ideas.. shows what they are really made of.

    not so sure about a race car, but considering it has the grip (AWD) and the Grunt (1001hp) it wouldnt have trouble being a good race car.. only one thing stops it.. rarity.
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    Bugatti were roud before Ferrari. At their time they dominted motorsport so it would be great to see them back. The biggest problem with this car for racing is the fact that it would need to be de-tuned. The maximum capacity for a turbo car is 3 or 4 liters and the power would have to be lowered as well.
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    Eh? This car is style enough.
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    It has alot of style but it's not exactly the perfect race car shape. That said it must be very aerodynamic to achieve the performance it's meant to.
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    Hey guys, wanna know something about the size of this car?
    It is no bigger than a BMW 3 series.

    I have just read a huge article on it in a mag, so my brain has been refreshed with amazing new facts, bring it on world!!!!!!<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    I may be wrong but, I've always though Le Mans was limited to 12 cylinder cars. I think this car would handle like crap because it's so heavy from that huge engine.
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    Very stereotypical.....
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    This engines very light actually. If you want a heavy engine look at the Vipers, same capacity but hevier materials used.
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    And the corvettes, and they win heaps of times!
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    Actually, both the Viper and Corvette engines are very light for their displacement. Both have all aluminum construction and both are of a pushrod design which are inherently lighter than an overhead cam design.
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    First of all i just like to say american cars suck so stop goin on bout the viper and corvette! second of all, this car is #$%#ing mad! 0-100 in 1.8! imagine the g-forces!! and 1/4 mile time of 5sec! that is so #$%#ing crazy! although i have to agree it looks pretty gay! if it had a #$%#ing nice body also, this would be the best supercar ever created!
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    wtf they blank out the swear words! hahahahaha how gay
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    Not all American cars suck, although I haven't really liked very many of them since about 1970. And who is "goin on bout" the Viper and Corvette? All I did was correct an incorrect statement about the Viper's engine being heavy. Learn to read.
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    You're right the Vipers is lighter than I thought. It has the same displacmenyt as this though and this one is lighter.
    I don't want other people to suddenly jump in as if /I'm slacking off their beloved Viper cos I like that car, this whole point is about whether this engine is heavy or not.
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    You may be right about the Veyron's engine being lighter than the Viper's. I honestly have no hard data on the weight of either engine so I can't say for sure which one is lighter. All I can say is the Viper's engine is lighter than a lot of people (who bash the Viper) believe because you can't have a car weigh less than 3500 lb. (the average weight of the average family car) with an 8-liter engine, while meeting all the safety and emissions requirements and have the engine be super heavy. Do you have data on both engines that you can point me to?
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    There is hard data, but at the bugattie site, there is a video, that takes you through the engine, talking about how it is made out of light-weight magnesium components. etc..
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    i know not all american cars suck. some are pretty sweet, i was just saying it for effect, but european cars kick ass. hehehehe i cant read very well.

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