Is this a race worthy car?

Discussion in '2002 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron Preproduction' started by Richard Owen, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Read a few of the logical posts in the thread an you will get the idea.
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    Bloody hell, where are they all coming from? They can't even read posts right before their own.
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    Is this a race worthy car?

    NO, NO, & NO.

    There is no way any other road going car or a street racer would have enough power and features to race this bauty.
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    Street racer, who's talking about street racers. My previouse post confirmed.
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    Bugatti is owned by Volkswagen you moron. It is definitely not broke and GM have nothing to do with it. Why the hell would they sell a million plus dollar vehicle for $50 000 when they haven't even started building customer ordered models yet?

    Why don't you go to this site for more information?
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    He posted that on several forums, probably jacked off over it.
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    No, because Bugatti cheated top make this car. Because of the Quad Turbo W16 it should be disqualified at any race. The W16 is not even a common engine. CHEATERS!!!!
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    What, why did they cheat? And the W16 isn't in any race car you muppet, the question is, is this a race worthy car. I hate people like you, people like you shouldn't be allowed to join this site.
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    I suppose Mazda cheated too when they won LeMans with a Wankel rotary engined racer. Oh and they are the only Japanese manufacturer to have won LeMans.
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    Hi, were Buggati. Let's build a car that goes 11 miles per hour faster than the F1. Let's make it have FOUR turbos and a huge, heavy, engine.
    Then, lets jack up the weight with heavy materials and excessively garish bodywork. Let's not make it handle. Speed is everything without control. LETS MOTOR!

    This car's only saving grace is the tranny. Throw the rest out the window. The Enzo owns this, the Edonis[built by REAL buggati guys] is a much more rational choice.

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    You are the biggest dumbass that has ever existed, ever. You deserve to die. Or better yet, cut your testicles off and let you bleed to death in agony. Its people like you who make me consider leaving this noob-forsaken site.
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    Your a stupid guy, the engine isn't heavy, the weight is around 1600Kg's less than 100Kg more than the new Viper SRT-10, the problems Bugatti had with the handling was that it hadled too much like a race car, VW Audi don't wan't a car that will just be a faster Lambo, as for the materials, it's a luxury car you dumb piece of shit.

    I really am getting tired of you noobs coming here and destroying this site, you have no purpose in life, your all stupid and wouldn't look out of place in mental institutions. Go back to school and don't post here again.
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    Yeah, i normally just dont bother with them....
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    They're all over the place now, it needs addressing, cos this site isn't as good as it was 3 months ago let alone a year. And it's all down to these noobs.
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    A year ago was probably much better in comparison, but still pretty bad.
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    HAHA what a #$%#in fruiter... AH HA HA HA!!! Ferrari has a rep for speed but doesn't rank on my list.
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    They actually have run a bugatti I am not remebering what track it was at I will get back to you with it. But anyways they ran a few laps in a pre-production test model of the 16/4 and found it was extremely unstable under hard cornering. the car they were testing actually spun nearly hitting concrete barriers destroying a million dollar test car. VW is hard at work trying to work this problem out, but the only solution they have been able to come up with so-far is by de-tuning the car, which bugatti has refused to do. So Basically Handling once again will have to be sacrificed for straightline speed. Which is unfortunate but this is not to say the car doesnt still handle well above average. when you compare to lesser cars such as Mustangs, talons, Civics, Camaros, it is still a very good handling car but when compared to much of its direct competition such as the enzo , 911 GT, murcielago, etc. it comes up a little short of the bar. But with a near 4000lb weight you cant expect lotus elise type hanling. all in all a great car but still needs some fine tuning and refinement.
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    Thats a little over inaccurate, they ran at Laguna Seca the spin was on the very first cornere because the driver planted his foot half way round which would spin most cars let alon a 987Bhp monster. The only problem with the handling was that it was a little too racey, VW want a more refined ride in the Bugatti.
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    well however the car spun, it wasnt my point. My point was that the car is unstable in the twisties, and probably wouldnt be a very good all-around choice for a race car. But thank you for pointing that out I didnt catch that part when I read the article.
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    I dont no but, if it is good at handling the car could be great race car, it will be very quick of the line, and thats what makes or breaks a race car.

    most cars can do laguna seca well exept, it would have more truble at bathurst in Austrlia. It would get to much grip going out of the corners going down the hill spining it around.
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    It's far too powerfull to be allowed to race, add to that most GT classes can't have 4wd. If there was a race version of this it would be a very different car.
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    ay r u stupid or sumthing lol this shiet sucks first tires r a problem and weight and 2ndly lol qaud turbos dont even work lol...... 2 of them r automatcially off then turn on at i think the 5 gear then the other 2 turn off this cars sucks iam sryyy
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    y isnt this guy banned yet? this is the only post hes made but hes made it on, like, every bugatti topic thingy majigger

    i think bugatti shud make a completely new car and enter it in le mans(obviously, the car wud be made for le mans and not just modified for it)

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    Your the thickest person to come to these boards for a long time, the tyres were never a problem, neither is the weeight, the handling was only a minor issue and where you've go that it's had problems with it's turbo's and gears from is anyones guess, piss off.
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    Hmmm, I am a n00b myself, but I at least took the time to read through all of the replies and come up with something that is actually rational, and not just random spam.

    First, I believe this car is definitely capable of racing. Reducing weight isn't a problem, like many people have said. The aerodynamics also shouldn't be a problem seeing as VAG cars have won the 24 hours of Le Mans the last four years, and they are definitely familiar with what a car needs aerodynamically. But, to race this car in the GTS class, I think you have to use the original engine, although it can be heavily modified. And like someone said, there is a displacement limit, and I know it is way below 8 liters. So, they would have to remove the four turbos and the 2 intercoolers and leave the car naturally aspirated.

    Now, seeing as we know it is capable, the thing is, does it make sense? That answer is NO! What logical reason is there for VAG to form another factory racing effort. The Audi R8's and the Bentley Speed 8's definitely have Le Mans covered, and I'm sure those two companies will not abandone their Le Mans efforts after their current cars are outdated.

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