Is this car Italian?

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  1. I heard many stories about this car. I heard it uses the last chassis and engines of the EB110, when Bugatti went bankrupt. But if so, why did it take so long for it to be completed? Where does this car come from??? Where is 'B. Engineering'??? I need answers!
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    Re: Is this car Italian?

    Yes this car is Italian.
    No it does not have the remaining engines and chassis' from the EB110.
    Yes they are very similar though, because this car was cheifly designed by most of the remaining engineers that developed the EB110.
    And also, the weight is wrong, it is 1300kg (2860lbs) according to EVO Magazine that did a full story on the Automobile.
    It can be found at this website.
  3. Re: Is this car Italian?

    italy huh? cool pagani zonda

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