is this car street legal in north america

Discussion in '2004 Pagani Zonda C12-S Monza' started by pagani racer, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. is it?
    and does it really cost 350 000 $? thats fairly cheap for what ur [email protected]
  2. dunno if legal in usa

    considering it costs £350,000 in the UK, id say it was nearer to $700,000 dollars when one considers teh exchange rates or shipping

  3. yes it is legal. and it is really nice inside.
  4. it actually sais it cost 350 000 USD
    so how do u get pounds? and does anyone know how many of this were madE?
  5. This car is NOT legal on any road, as it is the racing version of the normal Pagani, hence the Monza tag, nor does it have a paricularily nice interior, that is also the normal c12-s one.

    It is £350,000 for the normal one in the UK, although the uk importer has just gone bankrupt, Eurosportscars, this racing one could well be another £100,000+ more, so in the USA that is double approximatley to get it into $.
  6. What... are you poor or something?

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    .....just messing with ya, I love this car, BTW it is UK Street legal.
  7. Yes, it is street legal. This is the road version of the Pagani Zonda GR.
  8. No, it is not. There are no catalytic converters, and it being a "new" car has not met crash regulations. Only thing they may be able to do is label it as a "kit car".
  9. Perhaps, though I seriously doubt it is legal in California.
  10. Perhaps, though I seriously doubt it is legal in California.
  11. It's not street legal. It's intended for track use.
  12. Welcome indie noobs
  13. I didn't think any Pagani was street legal in the U.S., never mind a non-stocker with racing aspirations. Then again, it may have shipped in pieces to get around regulations. Can you imagine what it must have cost?! The exchange rate to euros does not favor the dollar, and a pound costs almost two dollars. And with my proposed scenario, you'd still have to hire someone to finish building it! I doubt it's street legal in Europe either, but a European citizen could buy this Pagani at a relative bargain and dominate any racetrack, including the forested German one we're all thinking of...

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