Is this really necessary?

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  1. Another model between the 330 and the M3? Is this even necessary, or is it another stupid marketing decision?
    The M3 is mighty fast, and if you can't afford that, the 330 is fast enough, you don't need one right in between. And if you think you do need one right in between, you might as well need and other model between this and the M3.
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    Actually, on second thought, this might be a necessary move for BMW since the Mercedes C320 is threatening the existing 330 in almost every aspect.
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    I'm glad we had this talk.
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    how can a C320 be threatening a 330?
    a 330 can beat a 320 even going in reverse
    an M3 can swipe a C32 out of the road
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    ok. so whats so special. buying this car would be just like goin to the store and buying a brand name T-Shirt for a high price. when you can get a lower brand T-Shirt of the same quality and save a crap-load of money. seriousy. <!-- Signature -->
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    This model could have a purpose if it was REALLY in between the 330 and the M3. But seeing that it's just a little bit faster than a 330, then I truly don't see why they made this model.

    Secondly, 330 and M3 cannot blow the C320 and C32 off the road. They could be half a car length better in terms of performance, but the Mercedes wins it all back in all other categories.
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    Ya may be right on this one. I am not sure about what the stock 330i has under the hood, but if it is the same, this is just a model for those rich types that want to look like tuners without having to do anything after they purchase the car. Ya know, kinda like the new Honda Civics with the fog lights, rims, ground effects and spoiler. Looks good, but it is still a stock Honda. I think it is ironic though. Less noise dampening material. I think we will see some buyers looking to re-sell because it is not as 'luxury oriented' as standard BMWs. Their fault I guess for not knowing the true nature of the title 'Clubsport'. Looks good, but for real tuners, they will want thier own mods. I guess this can provide a good base. (once again, hence 'Clubsport')<!-- Signature -->
  8. Sure

    Well, let's go back a second.

    BMW Marketing and Engineering had a bit of an argument over
    the car that ended up becoming the new M3 coupe. Engineering
    wanted to build the 330CSi as a tribute to the old 635CSi of
    days gone by.

    Marketing, bless their hearts, wanted to get a new M3 on the
    road as quickly as possible, knowing that big flashy M badge
    would loosen wallets everywhere and make them look like smart
    Marketing guys.

    Marketing won the debate, obviously.

    So, is the car the somewhat-less-dramatic attempt ot the guys
    in Engineering to put their 330CSi on the road? If so, I choose
    to embrace it for what it is, a nicely-equipped coupe with a few
    things you can't get on the usual option list, at a fair price,
    with some good intentions behind it.

    A lot of people ragged on the old M Sport E34 540i and the old
    M325i and a few other cars with less-than-Nurburgring-aspirations
    but time and time again, people come back to those cars and just
    end up realizing what a value they were. How about this time, we
    just decide to not be jaded.

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    this car is wholly unneccessary. but i think i've found a logic to the name. club sport i think means those rich folks who go to the country club. its a 'golf kartish' type car in the sense that person doesn't want to come in a big ominous s-class or something. anywayz just my reasoning
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    its a good idea to fill up the gap in between the 330i and the M3 for those who cant offord it, but do you realy think there are that many people in that situation? i kinda agree with tw thats a pretty logic reason to launch this car, because i doubt that, with BMW's financial status, it could possibly hurt them<!-- Signature -->

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