is this the fastest lambo?????????????

Discussion in '1998 Gemballa Diablo T50' started by DR GODAGUN, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. is it???????????????
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    Yes it is.
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    I don't know, but if it is, I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    even if it's not, i want one!
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    No the GTR is either that or da VTTT.
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    Hey turboporsche, just to let you know... Mercedes Benz is owned by Chrysler, not the other way around, and I've never heard about the Viper being designed by Lamborghini. If you could please explain yourself, its the first time I hear that one.
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    Listen its not the Fastest Lamborghini... its the fastest vehicle on earth... well until the 900 HP Murcielago starts up in a few months. Lamborghini owns the car industry followed closely by Ferrari. now a little off topic, but one of my friends knows the owner of Lamborghini, and he was talking to him, and he said that lamborghini is thinking of, making in a few years (2) another line of Diablos or something like that with Twin Turbos, if you know anything about Diablo twin Turbos now, either Koenig or Hamann or Gemballa provide their turbo packages, but now Lamborghini is going to make their very own Twin Turbo Lamborghini Diablo, at this 'festival' 20 TT Diablos out of the 400 will be given away for free, this is a commercial use project if you will. Now like I said, this MIGHT happen or it might not, Ima talk to my friend and see whats up in a while so email me for more info, if ya want. This is total "Heard" information so dont get all excited. But anyways Gemballa T50 is the fastest machine to rome the streets... a rumored 3.43 to 100 MPH, this will tear away the Veyron, McLaren, Saleen (sh!t a stock diablo will too), Venom 1000 TT, Sledgehammer, any car you can think of! if I were in this Diablo, my only words would be... "Bring it on."
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    actually a murcielago would probably kill this diablo
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    this is the fastest lambo in the world although it is probably a kit car but still.....
  11. This is the fastest lambo made to date because look at the topspeed sure it may not prove anything but topspeed shows how powerful the car really is. The murcielago 900hp may come out but horse isnt everything just look at the lingenfeilter corvette it only has about 750 and look at the performance numbers. Plus this car is a roadster meaning not at it best. It they did that to a Diablo SV or 6.0 VT just think it would be more powerful and faster than this. This is just a normal roadster a stock from it only produces 520bhp a 6.0 has more horse more torque Plus out performs a roadster.
  12. Uhm, I'm pretty sure that is 3.43 to 100KPH (62MPH) you douche.
  13. only good for straights but poor on corners
  14. What is this?
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