Is this your favorite Alfa too?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by relayagent, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. this car is so awesome, one of the biggest shames of all time to not make this for real. what makes me even sadder is that even if they do make it i doubt any will end up here in the usa.. anyways, here are some newer pics i've found.. could you imagine how this sounds?!?!?!??
  2. cant just post pix with an empty message.. this new versions sucks..
  3. I want to see it in rosso Alfa and with other wheels.

    My fav Alfa is the Tipo 33 Stradale and the Spider pre 94.
  4. The Brera looks waay better.
  5. i can see some of that stradale in this 8c now..very nice. but if they make the 8c and give it the right engine it'll be my favorite. i owned a 1990 alfa spider veloce in black, great car. i love alfa, wish they would pick a date to come back here to us and stick to it. the 8c makes me think what a lousy job maserati did with their gt.. what do you think about that one?
  6. brera is nice, i liked the interior on it especially. i dont know about waaay better though...
  7. My favourite Alfa is the Duetto Spider. I love the 8C Competizione though; it's a beautiful car.
  8. No, the Tipo 33 is, but this is a close second, followed by the Duetto Spider.
  9. No, RWD.
  10. Yes, my favourite.
  11. Good. This car is awesome.
  12. That's indeed a damn great Alfa, but my favourite will always be the Montréal. The way that engine sounds really, and the design: one major wow.
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    Its my favorite. And the tipo 33. But just so you know the 8C happens to be coming out and that car is a pre-production model. One way to tell is the different headlights, interior, and refreshed styling. Look on they will have info. THANK YOU FOR THE BEAUTIFUL PICS, BTW?
  14. wow, simply amazing. I had only seen the 8C Competizione in official pictures; this makes it be closer to its final production in a small series. It´s great, but I prefer the Brera. However, I´d give an arm to have any of them (well...maybe not an arm,hoy would I drove it then? lol ) It´s interesting how Alfa has evolved the original style given by Da Silva and created beautiful and exciting cars, whereas the new designs made by the own Da Silva in Seat make me feel panic, I can´t stand them!!
  15. my opinion too.
  16. I like this but I like the 60's GTA better
  17. I love the Giulia GTA.
    I could park one in front of a Cafe in Rome and everyone would love me, because people who park Giulias GTA in front of Cafes in Rome are cooler than everyone else.

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