is twin turbo really worth $44,000 ????

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    generally, turbos will put out more horsepower than superchargers would, but mainly at higher RPMs, people usually use superchargers because of no lag, boost is constant and that they are generally cheaper to buy.

    Cooler air doesn't mean more fuel can be put into a combustion chamber, it just means its more dense. Both turbos and superchargers compress air, which is how more air gets shoved into the cylinders, hence more fuel, which means more power and torque.

    Basically it depends on the engine, which one brings out more power.
    I've seen some blocks where superchargers are more efficient, and others where turbos are more efficient.
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    First of all, you are not just paying for the turbo's. Lingenfelter'sPackage includes:

    * Two true ball bearing turbochargers
    * Two high efficiency air to air chargecoolers
    * Custom molded Samco silicone air ducts
    * 4 into 1 custom cast exhaust manifolds
    * Two cast turbo outlet adapters
    * Turbocharger scavenge pump
    * Turbo oil drain reservoir
    * Two K&N 360 degree conical air filters
    * Heat shields and stainless clamps
    * Professional installation, testing and tuning
    * Turbocharger water feed and return hoses
    * Turbocharger oil feed and return hoses
    * Gaskets, spark plugs and fluids
    * Custom 7.0 L aluminum C5R block
    * CNC Porting and polishing of LS1 cylinder heads
    * Port matched LS6 intake manifold
    * Billet steel connecting rods
    * Forged 4340 crankshaft
    * Forged aluminum pistons
    * LPE custom hydraulic roller camshaft
    * High performance valve springs & lightweight retainers
    * Stainless steel one piece heavy duty intake valves
    * Inconel one piece heavy duty exhaust valves
    * Three angle valve job, checking of spring tensions & heights
    * Computer balanced rotating assembly
    * Reassembly and blueprinting of engine
    * Properly sized fuel injectors and high capacity fuel system
    * GHL stainless steel exhaust system
    * Professional installation, testing and PCM recalibration
    * LPE's 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty

    In other words, you buy an entirely new twin turbo engine and everything else needed to run it. And, you also get the installation, tuning, expertise, and warranty. I would say that it is worth every penny.
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