isnt this from.....

Discussion in '1956 Ferrari 290 MM' started by 360modenavert, Nov 20, 2002.

  1. isnt this the car from ferris bueller's day off (without all the mods and hood scoops and stuff)
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    no that was a 1961 250GT California
    and that was a fake thank god
    if i'm thinking corectly that was an MG of some sort made to look like a Ferrari
    if i'm wrong some1 enlighten me
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    Yeah, thank God it was a fake. According to the movie, less than 100 of these were made. Actually, 104 total 250GT Cals. were manufactured by Ferrari but that number includes the first prototypes and one-shots versions that never saw full production.
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    ok thanks and ya thank god it was a fake

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