Israel attacks Libanon

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Dahlis, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Sweet, a war!

  2. USA, destroy both sides. Free the world of ignorant feuds
  3. They sure didn't waste any time getting in there.
  4. Yes, please.
  5. Not new at all, Israel has always been attacking Southern Lebanon.
  6. we should ignore the whole problem there. they will wipe out each other.
  7. /anyone that looks at them funny.
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  9. Good. Hate lebs.
  10. Israel would destroy them
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  12. Has the Syrian troops not left Libanon?
  13. Lebs of Lebanon are not like the lebs of Australia.

    Also, they arent attacking lebanese people they are attacking Palestinian people based in Southern Lebanon which has always been a safe haven.

    What pisses me off its people with your intellect voting in John Howard.
  14. Israel always has problems with everyone!

    Love the jews but wipe out Israel.

    Wait... Is that still politically correct? *Sigh*
  15. I know a guy who's there to visit his family now.....
  16. This is not good.
  17. my friend is going to lebanon in like the next week or something like that.
  18. If only Lebanon didnt harbor Hezbollah.
  19. #$%# you and the horse you rode in on.
  20. "If the soldiers are not returned we will turn Lebanon's clock back 20 years"

  21. I'm not sure, but that might actually be a good thing. Hang on.

    EDIT: Nope.
  22. That's cool
  23. Stupid mother#$%#ers. Kidnapping another 2 soldiers and killing 7 others is probably the dumbest thing they could do. Lebanon/Syria are both sovereign states. Unlike the Palestinians, to whom I think we are somewhat responsible for, Lebanon and Syria are just picking a fight. Well guess what, they picked the wrong country in the wrong time.
    This time, we're not playing.
  24. Exactly the problem. This "lets ignore it and let them kill each other" argument makes no sense because Israel is so vastly more powerful than its neighbors.

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