Israel attacks Libanon

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Dahlis, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. No, it is not stupid. You are just running under the assumption that it is stupid because you believe that only 5% would come by air. Just realize that this only part of a plan to cut of Lebannon, not the only thing they are doing.
  2. Yes because they are going to check them in and fly them out..hell why not give them business class while they are at it.

    You seriously dont believe what you just wrote right?
  3. PHYSICALLY. We're not bombing each other yet.
  4. True, According to US media Iran is the brain behind this whole thing.
  5. There is a good argument that Iran instigated the kidnappings to draw attention away from thier nuclear program.
  6. Actually, that would be the best way of doing it under everybody's noses.
  7. You can't serioslly belive that BS?
  8. If Israel doesnt back the f*ck up it will eventually happen and Israel wont walk away from it unscathed.

  9. dude...please
  10. I am not saying that it is true or that Iran should be attacked, but I would not dismiss it. Hezbollah does have established ties with Iran and it did start at an interesting time with the pressure on Iran. It has also drawn the worlds attention to this conflict instead of Iran. It is an interesting theory. Obviously no on has proof, but it is something to think about.
  11. That would be a killer of a theory if it were true.
  12. That might be true. But we don't know what the future holds. That still doesn't contradict what I said.
  13. Its not up to luck to what will happen, its cause and effect (another thing that Israel really sucks at understanding)

    The problem is only going to get worse and Israel is adding fuel to the fire by attacking Lebanon once again today.
  14. Behold some top notch debating in progress.
  15. Quote from IdoL
    "Actually, that would be the best way of doing it under everybody's noses."

    Thats not debating, thats just plain stupidity.

  16. Why would Iran risk losing the support of Russia and China with a stunt like that.
  17. israel must be the shittiest place in the world to live in.
  18. First, I would assume they do not plan on getting caught. Second, Russian and China are not on Isreal's side to begin with, so they probably do not mind.
  19. maybe, but I do not belivie Iran is behind this.
  20. Im off to bed

    Hopefully by the time i wake up a peaceful resolution has been found
  21. Yeah, Let's hope so.
  22. it's going on for 60 years now. don't count on it.
  23. Well, miracles do actually happend.
  24. Nasrallah just declared total war on Israel.
  25. is it just me or does Ferrarista make some of the emptiest arguments against israel? besides that K21 numbnuts anyway.

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