Israel prepares to deal with Iran

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  1. if anyone cares to post non-bullshit arguments, feel free to. ive got exams tomorrow, im going to bed.
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    Are you serious? $6 billion a year is over half of all financial aid given out by the United States to the entire world. We're not comparing Israel to the United States, we're comparing them to the surrouning Arab countries. $6 billion a year in aid (not loans) is an insane amount of help, and anyone who discounts it as a reason for why Israel's military is so capable is an idiot.

    "Facing the worst battlefield losses in Israeli history, Prime Minister Golda Meir offered to leave her command post to fly to Washington to personally plead with President Nixon to resupply Israel. That's when the promise came from the White House that helped Israel change the course of the war and begin a process that forever altered relations between Jerusalem and Washington.

    'The President has agreed - and let me repeat this formally - that all your aircraft and tank losses will be replaced,' U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger told the Israelis on Oct. 9, 1973. The U.S. decision allayed some of Meir's fears and allowed Israel to send hundreds of additional tanks and planes into battle that were being saved in case of future losses.

    While much of the history of the war has focused on the delay of a U.S. airlift to Israel, the promise to resupply actually set in motion a shift in American policy that would solidify the U.S.-Israel relationship. As a direct result of the war, the United States quadrupled its foreign aid to Israel, and replaced France as Israel's largest arms supplier. In fact, the doctrine of maintaining Israel's 'qualitative edge' over its neighbors was born in the war's aftermath.

    Israel's push for supplies both during and after the war led Kissinger, only half-jokingly, according to Moshe Dayan, Israel's defense minister during the war, to ask if the Israeli government would stop paying its ambassador's salary if he failed to raise the subject of arms fewer than 10 times a day."

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  3. Yes, a militant zionist group that just happened to be led by Menachem Begin. Why, isn't that the very same person who became Prime Minister of Israel in 1977? Isn't that the very same person who referred to the Palestinian people as "beasts walking on two legs" while he was in office? Isn't that the very same person who David Ben-Gurion himself compared to Adolf Hitler?

    The difference between the Irgun and al-Qaeda is that the actions of the former have conveniently come to be forgotten whereas the latter is branded an evil terrorist organization day in and day out. The bombing of the King David Hotel was a terrorist attack, pure and simple. It killed men, women and children. It killed Jews, Arabs and Christians. Yet Begin was never charged with anything for having master-minded it. Now isn't that a nice bedtime story?
  4. And that somehow justifies blowing up a hotel that they knew was full of innocent people?
  5. There are many people who are vastly more knowledgable on the subject than you or I who believe that there was indeed a coverup. When you take the time to learn about it, it doesn't seem all that unlikely.
  6. Technically speaking, even after Yom Kippur War Arabs(and their Soviet allied) still sucked and Israel still survive.
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  8. This has no to do with being a #%$got (everyone is entitled to chose his sexual preferences). But the problem is what scentless expressed, which in my opinion was somewhat irrespectful. Scentless is known to be more anti american than something else and he fully and blindly supports far leftism.
  9. Far leftism sucks, even 1.4 billion Chinese already deserted Mao's thinking...
  10. Ha awesome! Greece would help Israel and Turkey the arabs. Time to fight turkey!
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    Sharon according the excerpt of a book you quoted in that thread if I remember very correctly has caused more harm than good.Pat Robertson said that God was punishing Sharon for dividing god's land.
    Also in that same thread, according to you, targetted assasination of terrorists leaders was criticizable. It is better to eliminate the scum before it kills you. At last but not least, you probably forgotten that what happened in Munich in 1972 and later in 1975 in Entebbe was mainly orchestrated by the palestinian terrrorist groups and people who shared the terrorist organizations views.
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  13. International Pimp-Slap.
  14. Right you seem to forget that the Arabs ( Syrian and Egypt were backed by Saudi Arabi , Koweit , and Iraq ( Men , money and Jets . )

    Libya sent Mirages . Iraq sent 18 000 men . Kadafai gave more than 1 billion $ to Egypt to pay for soviet weapons .

    Algeria sent fighters and Tunisia sent soldiers as well.

    And the US helped Israel because it THIER INTEREST TO DO SO . Remeber the cold war ??? SOVIETs were helping the Arabs . So had Israel lost , it would have been more territories won by the reds.

    Had the UN Not interveined , Cairo would be Israeli today..

    Another great bed time story too. 200 Israeli tanks versus 1400 Syrian and they got owned.
  15. One thing is for certain: Blitzschnell hates Jews, and amenasce posts in every jew related thread.
  16. lol. I love those stories too. Reminds me of highschool .
  17. Blitzshnell maybe doesn't like Jews but Jews pwned Arabs in 1967, 1973, 1975 in Entebbe, in 1981 with the destruction of Osirak Nuclear Plant and in Liban in 1982. He also can't stand that the Jews despite they are not so numerous still kick the Arabs ass and have one of the most developped military industry of the world. Israelis have their own military industries with israeli aircraft industries, israeli militray industries, rafael, elbit, bet shemesh and other firms. The US can see in Israel, it is only ally in the Middle East and for me this is normal that US helps Israel.
  18. Well perhaps because our dear friend Mr Amenasce is a Jew. And Hemistage is just fat and stupid, everyone ignore this illetrate man.
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  24. Don't insult the tennis ball, at least the tennis ball can bounce, hemistage8 cant even stand up from his armchair.
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    i didn't discount it. jesus, no one read the frickin posts. I said that the reason the US does it is that it wants a strong force in the middle east that is friendly towards it. Isreal is willing to do their dirty work, taking out reactors and such.

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