Israel prepares to deal with Iran

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  1. "A hammerhead is an idiot and you are one by definition"

    "I am far to be a hammerhead because I am satisfied of my life and I am not worried about my future."
  2. I wanted to read the entire thread, but I can't be bothered.
    Bottom line is, it probably won't happen. The rest of the world cares too much this time. Enriching uranium and stuff like that does not equal the creation of a bomb.
    Needless to say, if doomsday does come, we'll probably be more prepared than the rest of the world.
  3. i think doomsday started to come into place on 14 may 1948
  4. creatin of Israel filled the final prophecy as foretold in the Revelation prepaer for doomesday 2012
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  6. going by the 6 day war?
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  8. I am so
    #$%#ing tired

    Give me a #$%#ing break
  10. Who says it was us?
  11. I have never seen a jew on a motorbike, so i doubt it was
  12. oh stfu... Mossad and Maktal are partying right now.
  13. I don't get what you're saying
  14. Doesn't mean they did it.
    It damages us when people think the Mossad did something when they didn't.
  15. look..

    1. Don't argue with that dickhead
    2. No one is interested in Israel
    3. Stop posting
    4. kle xar
  16. so.. you're saying... is not real ??
  17. I'm posting because you told me not to.

    I wish people didn't care, but they do. Here's an 8-page-long thread for you, and I didn't even take part until page 7 (unless someone has been taking my spot). Also, it's much easier to point a finger and spend your time thinking about overseas political issues and how much they're costing you (you get a very good ROI from that, before anyone says anything), than to address your own cultural deterioration and economic demise.

  18. i like israel
    and jews
    dunno what people have against jews
  19. Read the news lazy git
  20. what are you talking about hollywood is always pumping out rubbish!
  21. ill pump you in a second if you dont shut your trap!
  22. shut it you cockney BASTARD
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    They do that to transport to other bases for training. Nothing new.

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