Issues with the new Camaro

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by KRSONe1, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. i get that alot
  2. Don't talk about your daddy like that. Didn't the Mexican village you were raised in teach you respect? You probably like cars/computers, because they are only places you feel safe talking s**t.
  3. that's because you're shit.
  4. wtf does this even mean
  7. 040. The front GFX lip is not coming loose at the double sided tape
    041. The front passenger brake rotors are not wearing with a dark colored groove

  8. "paint runs or clear coat runs"?

    It sounds like the car was put together and painted by a bunch of Mexicans in their back yard. Runs on paint/clear coat? This has got to be a #$%#ing joke, and that's not even the worst out of that list.
  9. Yeah, this is Obama's fault?

    Nigga please, shut the #$%# up.
  10. He's more useless then GM, but he's quickly bringing GM down to his level.
  11. Obama= your daddy
    AIDS infested Mexican whore= your mother
    You....unnable to read between the lines= retarded redneck
  12. You probably like cars/computers, because they are only places you feel safe talking s**t.
  13. hmmm im goin to just walk away..........
  14. HA HA HA HA.. I'm a grown man so I don't make threats. Though I do wish I could snatch your little ass through this monitor right now. The last person to call me a nigger, to my face, happened to be a cop. Now I have record for assault on a government offical. No matter who you are, you don't scare me.
  15. If you're not scared then give me an adress. Make this one clear, I don't communicate threats...(felony in NC) but I can make you this promise: If you type-in an ACCURATE adress, I can/will put two fiends on a plane to get ya' by Saturday. For 2K worth of crack (combined) they'll kill everything you love: you, your wife, kids, the dog...everything with the breath of life in it will cease to exist. It's easy to do things second/third person, that way I don't lose sleep at night.

    But hey.. This isn't real anyway, so cough-up that personal information. Be a big man-- show the world you aren't scared!
    That's what your women do. When every nigger in the hood has run through them, they say "hey I can take anything, I'm a big girl now".
  16. Hey I'll give you mine

    1562 Oak Drive Plaza
    Orlando, FL

    Come kill me you #$%#ing nigger
  17. LOL
    its been a while since we had proper e thugs on here

    as for my adress

    12508 Black St
    Pittsburgh, South Carolina
  18. No Scorp, don't do it!
  19. Hey I have a god given right to defend myself ok? so don't spoil it for me and RalphE.

    haha say his name out loud, he's the little retard kid from the Simpsons.
  20. #$%#in Nigger!

    445 Hollydell rd
    Kelowna BC

  22. He did say by the weekend. So we gotta at least give him till sunday. But I have a Klan meeting on sunday so it`ll have to wait till I get home.

    Edit: he said Saturday not the weekend my bad. Looks like I am gonna miss this weeks Klan meeting.....
  23. Out of those three, only two actually exist. As for the other one, don't watch your back. Watch your front.

    *BTW, NONE of what I said before was true. To take it as such, would be a misrepresentation of the truth.

    #$%# scared, you guys are STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    May peace be with you.


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