Issues with the new Camaro

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by KRSONe1, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. Why aren't the forums always this awesome
  2. you probably drive as poorly as all the other nignogs with fastish cars out there.

    I would motherfUck you on a track in any car.
  3. Ralphe, i'm wondering, how can you complain about your race when you are the first one talking about sending crackheads to peoples home, you also been in jail, LOL maybe your race doesnt, but YOU ARE INFERIOR, still no one is scared by you, but.. keep it up, you are entertaining us.
  4. haha what a retard
  5. i may not know what its like to be a "nigger" because iam mexican but i have an idea due to my girlfriend is black. but you are quite right on the last two paragraphs.
  6. Man I have a damn-good job. Hell I'm at work right now-- computer support tech.

    But my REAL job is trafficing Mexicans across the border. In my spare time I smuggle spainish women/kids into the sex-slave industry. 47 Mexicans are normally only worth $3USD, but in the current economic climate $2.25 seems reasonable ($2.09 after cost). Maybe one day I can step-up to selling faux S.S numbers, Visas, and DRIVERS LICENSES.

    This is how I met your mother. She came with a coupon-- so as soon as things get better, I'll buy your little sister too.

    Two taco-munchin' whores for the price of one. Now that's a recovery (from a hang-over) package.
  7. Man you speak less english than a Mexican midget, working drive-thru at McDonalds. If your wife were on a car-lot, she'd be a used (throughly) model. With the "cash for clunkers" plan, maybe you can step-up to a fat white girl. Nah. Niggers have a thing for fat white girls, so they're all gone.
  8. dude i wtf are you talking about i didnt say anything bad to upset you. In fact, iam agreeing with what you said a few post back, so wtf.
  9. oh ok, I'm not Mexican though. And my ancestors weren't brought by whitey to America like #%!@es either.

    Whoa look at you go, computer support tech dude. Enjoy your 10$ an hour, that's enough for the Popeye's 12 piece crispy chicken
  10. lol popeyes was my first job 10$ is barely enough for 7pc dark chicken. lovin that chicken from popeyes
  11. You're not Mexican--yet you read/write on a third grade level? You are a Mexican. You like the dirty-rice, and grease b/c it makes you feel at home.
  12. aT lEaSt he DoNt tYpe liKe DiS lIke EvRy niGeR oN dA iNtErNeT
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    RalphE, where are you in this video?

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    Wait, you're the dude with the blue hat in this one right?

  15. Learn to quote the proper person.
  16. apparently is too complex for his brain.
  17. Forgive me for misquoting you (thebarron1989)-- In the last two days has been infested by Mexicans. Damn there goes another one.
  18. what a good thread
  19. LOL, RalphE's wife can entertain 47 mexicans
  20. ralphy is so full of anger and hostility, probably because he wants to be a hardass felon but he really works in a computer cubicle taking phone calls all day and trys to be cool with his 'tuned' camaro but nobody notices because hes a nerdy nigger with thick glasses and a short sleeved dress shirt on

    and while hes at work his wife is entertaining 47 mexicans
  21. Yeah but in prison he had a little white boy as a sex pet. What a FAG
  22. yeah his wife entertains 47 mexicans because raplhy is too busy browsing craigs list looking for a young white male like the one he loved for a short time at the county jail
  23. I wonder who the man was in that relationship
  24. they probly just ate each others butts
  25. LOL, RalphE's wife can entertain 47 mexicans

    is arnulfoes around?

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