It AIN'T a wagon!!

Discussion in '1998 Autech Stagea RS260' started by RalphCM, May 27, 2003.

  1. Does it look like a wagon to you? It's an AUV- Asian Utility Vehicle. Just like the Toyota Revo, the Mitsubishi Adventure, the Isuzu Crosswind, etc.
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    It looks just like a big wagon.
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    ...but in the USA we call that a W-A-G-O-N.
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    To all you none Stagea beleiver/ Haters. I happen to own one of the baddest ass kicking "Wagons around" This car is a muscle pumping wolf in a family mans suit. It has a RB26DETT that puts out 996bhp/679ftlb torque. She rides on 19" bling blings with 245 yoko's out back and 235 yoko's up front. I have a GT-R 34 front clip. And she rides LOW! I live in Japan right now but plan to relocate back state side soon. Stand the F**K by! NON-BELIEVERS!!
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    its a wagon
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    the problem with your lie is this:

    anyone with that expensive/complex of a car wouldn't be such a jackass about it. They'd be like "well hello I have a modified Stagea, if anyone is interested in it and the mods here is my website, have a nice day chaps i'm going to go burn some money!"

    But honestly just stop we all know you're a 15 year old who can't drive yet.
  7. Wagon or not, it seems quite fun to me to bring my kids to school in one of these.

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