IT ARRIVED!!! *new pics*

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by PureEuroM3, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. IT ARRIVED!!!

    Oh #$%#ing right!

    1992 Skyline GTS-T
    39500 KMS
    RB20DET Single turbo engine
    5 speed
    right hand drive, rear wheel drive

    More pics to come soon :D
  2. IT ARRIVED!!!

    lol @ excitement over GTS.
  3. IT ARRIVED!!!

  4. IT ARRIVED!!!

    Yours? Jealous.
  5. IT ARRIVED!!!

    GTS-T *

    Plus if you lived in Ontario you might just think differantly...
  6. IT ARRIVED!!!

    R32s are sick, mate.
  7. IT ARRIVED!!!

    I didn't forget the T, but perhaps I should've said "GTS-anything".
  8. IT ARRIVED!!!

    Sweetness. I want a Skyline. Stupid US laws.
  9. IT ARRIVED!!!

    Per new legislation, maybe one of the last Skylines in Canada. Q_Q
  10. IT ARRIVED!!!

    I hope you didn't pay much for an old GTS-T just because its JDM.
  11. IT ARRIVED!!!

    could also be one if now the lowest mileage skylines in Ontario.
  12. IT ARRIVED!!!

    Awesome, time for d0rift0 pics.
  13. IT ARRIVED!!!

    nice car!!!

    how many km?
  14. IT ARRIVED!!!

    How much did you pay?
  15. IT ARRIVED!!!

    About as much as your sister sexed him.
  16. IT ARRIVED!!!

    I might have payed a little more becuase they have to be imported into Canada. I know the skyline is normal for some area's but the reason this is so sweet is that the skyline community in all of Ontario for sure does not exceed 1000. They are not legal to buy you have to import them once they pass 15 years old.

    The price hmmm...$8000-$9000 Canadian
  17. IT ARRIVED!!!

    First post, 39500 original Km's. It was owned by a Nissan Dealership in Japan which is the reason for such low mileage.
  18. IT ARRIVED!!!

    Thats alot for an old skyline, atleast you can probably always sell it for a similer amount because they aren't very common there.
  19. IT ARRIVED!!!

  20. IT ARRIVED!!!

    Appraised value of the car is $12000...and I could easily get 10, easily <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  21. IT ARRIVED!!!

    Even though it was 'owned by a Nissan dealer' in Japan, those kms are fake. I'll bet $10.
  22. IT ARRIVED!!!

  23. IT ARRIVED!!!


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