IT ARRIVED!!! *new pics*

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by PureEuroM3, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. IT ARRIVED!!!

    40,000 on a 92? Good one...
  2. IT ARRIVED!!!

    u gotta perform mad tokyo d0rift0 with it now!
  3. IT ARRIVED!!!

    gots to disconnect zeee front driveshaft.
  4. IT ARRIVED!!!

    or stick shit tires in back.

    Or just make it so powerful it all wheel d0rift0s everywhere.
  5. IT ARRIVED!!!

    It's RWD...
  6. IT ARRIVED!!!

  7. IT ARRIVED!!!

    omyeffo, alltime awd d0rift0, as soon as u turn the key around, instant DRIFTACTION!
  8. IT ARRIVED!!!

    That's awesome. Daily driver I guess? Let us know how that goes.

    Overnight car from Japan! ^_^
  9. IT ARRIVED!!!

    meh they may be fake but you have no idea of the shape of this car guys, pictures don't do justice.
  10. IT ARRIVED!!!

    M spec or normal? (m specs have better brakes: 4 pots, if you didnt already know)
  11. IT ARRIVED!!!

    Type M.
  12. IT ARRIVED!!!

    The Australia / New Zealand member's noses are high in the air. They don't turn their heads for anything less than a GTR
  13. IT ARRIVED!!!

    nah bro, gtst's are all good, though a lot more common than canada and even australia
  14. IT ARRIVED!!!
  15. IT ARRIVED!!!
  16. IT ARRIVED!!!

    Looks great. I miss my r32 gts, was exactly the same as yours, colour, mspec side skirts
  17. IT ARRIVED!!!

    What happend to it.
  18. clean car, congrats man <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  20. id only try nearly that hard if it were an old Alfa or something. looks clean and sharp, though.
  21. shutup!

  22. there is a R32 GTR a few seconds from my house. awesome car.
  23. owned by a nissan dealership in japan? they saw you coming. I think that translates to 'this car was thrashed within an inch of its life, have fun sourcing a new engine in a months time buddy'

    que renault gearbox pic
  24. Yeah Im always skeptical about that stuff, I mean it IS a nice car, but I really doubt such low mileage. They say its because japan is a small country, but I average about 40-50km a work day and rack up 12000-20000 kms a year, so I can Imagine the average owner, over 15 years, will have driven more than 40000kms.

    Plus, my island is much smaller than Japan/no cities are anywhere near as dense population.
  25. I would rather that than 2 race spec Miatas.

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