It could go faster, here's how.

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    well you could add another four turbos and two superchargers in then strip it of things you dont need.
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    Not only is 250mph really fast, but also impossible to achieve on a real track or public roads. Not even F1 cars hit these speeds on tracks, maybe Can Am? That was years ago and I didn't really follow Can Am, but it is possible, say on the Le Mans track. I do know the Porsche 917L in 1971 hit 243mph on the Mulsanne straight, and the car was running 1100hp at 1.3 bar of boost, and 1500hp at 2 bar. If a race car with that kind of power can't reach 250 at the Lemans track, no chance will this ever reach its top speed on any track.
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    CanAm cars had huge amounts of downforce, but they also had some substantial drag. Aerodynamics related to cars has come along way in 30+ years. I agree however that it's highly unlikely this car will hit top speed on a "real" racetrack (although Bugatti says it will hit 180 mph from a standstill in less that 14 seconds). High speed testing for this car was done on a high-speed loop. The corners of these test tracks are banked such that the steering wheel never needs to be turned and cars can (with enough time) reach their top speeds. Now, for reaching the top speed on a public road, there are plenty long enough and straight enough (especially in the Midwest) to do so, but it would be completely stupid to try it.
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    100 hp =8 mph and gears dont make a difference in top speed uhh ok you could make a 200 hp car go 200 mph youd just need a lot of room and a lot of time
    higher gears =higher top speed is what i have been taught
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    Well, it's not quite the most expensive, but it's certainly right near the top of the heap. Now, if I had the means to purchase a Veyron, I would leave it as is. It's a brilliant car. Someone said that there was no way it could go faster, and several people (including myself) have said that it possibly could be made to go faster. That's all. I never said I wanted it to go faster.
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    I, personally, have never seen a road (other than an interstate) that would be safe to reach topspeed of anything but an economy car. Those roads are not kept well enough to make it even concievable for anyone to want to try it. Hitting a pothole or small rock at 250? No thanks.
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    yo whats fster this bugatti (2002 16/7 Veyron) or a McLaren F1 LM???
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    Well, that's pretty much what I was referring to. There are very long, straight sections of interstate various places in the midwest where it would be possible, but you wouldn't find me trying it. Potholes? Imagine if one of those free-range cows tried to cross the freeway right in front of you...
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    Yeah, I've taken the interstate all the way through the US (Winnipeg to Florida) and there are enough cows to scare me away from trying it even if the roads were perfect and there was no one for miles.
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    ive researched it and if they souped it up enough it would have 1,345hp and a top speed of 272.3 km per hour my tests were done on a bugatti 16/4 Veyron from italy i borrowed it for 5 days 4 free bekuz the ysaid they want to no the results so they kud make a faster bugatti<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Why must you try to be funny? 272.3 kmh? Dont ya mean mph?
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    A wise old man (of legendary motor racing past) once said to me over a beer or six:

    Where there's a will there's a road

    If you owned a buggatti you'd rarely find somewhere to see more than 200mph.

    You'd need to go to the northern territory of australia (no open road speed limit and thousands of miles of long straight roads with bugger all traffic *drools*).. or the autobahns in germany (them slow and pesky porsches doing merely 170mph will get in your way).

    The only reason one would want to modify their bugatti to go faster than 252mph is so you can overtake another bugatti driver thinking he's king of the road...
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    Thats where Wheels mag tested all the HSVs top speeds.
    LOL! Another Bugatti! Where the hell are ya gonna find one?
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    I could easily make this thing have a higher topspeed. If you have one and you would like me to increase your topspeed please pm. All I would charge would be $3250.00 per each additional mph increase. We can come to your car and perform thses modifications. The only additional cost would be for transportation, we would carry all required tools with us and have you car ready in as little as one hour. Err better make that a week we will need to test drive it and verify performance gains.

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    5 reasons why it doesn't need to go faster

    1. It is already faster than the audi r8 (illegal(!)) and the ferrari enzo

    2. Your never gonna need that speed on the track (depending on which maybe 1)

    3. You are not going to be brave enuff to take it to that speed.

    But this car is definitely ready to take on ferrari (enzo) and mcclaren
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    Actually, the REAL point in this thread was for the 0-60 time.
    When you look at the specs of other cars and this one, you see a great difference in 0-60 times and compare power ranges with 1001hp.
    That much power should supply a much faster 0-60 time, like maybe around 2 sec and not 3 sec.

    The reason for its 0-60 time is for production restriction laws. Bugatti had to lower the 1st gear ratio so that it would not be too fast for road laws. Therefore, you have what is now the current 0-60 time. But, if it were not meant for production, we all should figure out that it would not be slower than it now is. They wanted to produce the car, so they HAD to obey the restrictions and lower the 1st gear, which sucks to me, b/c I would want to know its REAL exact 0-60 time. But oh well, it's a badass car to me.

    When you look at what it is now, the Mac reigns, but when you look at the "REAL" Veryon inside, the Veyron riegns. It's really all in how you look at it. So if you look at it this way in what I have just described, you could see it as 2nd place to the Mac, or you could see the real Veyron and see it as 1st of the Mac.~
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    I wouldnt let some shit-#$%# like you touch my car!
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    one thing, i gettin sick and tired of you people dissin handas, acuras, and other japanese car makes me, im partial to hondas and the infamous Ford GT90 im not tryin to diss anyone but, i think that this car kina sucks, sowhat if its fast, but can it drift? please e-mail me if you have any complaints or comments. thank you.

    ps. ill stick to 230 miles per hour thank you!

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    Actually, I would have severe doubts of this hitting 0-60 in 2 even with a regular first gear. Keep in mind this car will most likely weight over 3800lbs (see EB110). 0-60 in less than 3 is definately possible, but only maybe a few tenths faster.
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    I agree with ure statments about the other cars but so what if this car can drift or not? Drift this and youll cripple it like that!
    U dont drift SuperCars.
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    If I had the money, I would buy one of these, add direct nitrous oxide injection to the engine, and add a second engine just like the first so it would have two nitroused W-16s in it. I'd probably have to make an extension on a body for the second engine, but considering that I would be running with probably in excess of 2,300 horsepower, it would be worth the slight increase in weight. I'd take it to the salt flats and see how fast it would go, then if I didn't encounter a sidewind and lose control, I'd auction it off for charity .
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    umm... It was nice knowing you.
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    Your smart in the face<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    meow, 2300hp? u sure?
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    Why? All I was going to do was rip the mirrors off to reduce drag <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>


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