It Is Finished!!! RB25det is in!!!

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by Aych Es Vee, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. goes very hard compared to the RB30e. :D!!!!!!!!!

    Only just got it now, so I only have a few pics. Its bloody raining.
    It really needs a clean as you can tell, which I will probably do tomorrow if its not raining.

    And its the first turbocharged car I have even driven!

    Intercooler isnt hanging out as low as I thought it would, which is great!

    The dude also installed a fricken loud thermo fan which I can hear from inside my house.....

    next up are bigger brakes, which should be next week or 2, then in about 2-3 months, the car will get a respray along with new bumpers because mine are all bent and shit.
    Gonna get thinner/new number plates too, because they are bent aswell!
    Needs an LSD too!!!
  2. Very cool man. Is the engine pretty much a stocker?
  3. yep, all stock
    just the intercooler.

    dont really have any plans for it either..... well not this year anyway
  4. Do you know how much power it makes? Your car is auto isn't it?
  5. Nice mate, I guess the wait was worth it.
  6. post some pics of you droppin' some hektic skids bro!
  7. What's with the ugly headlights? Put the original covers on, arse!

    Performance has to be pretty good now though... Take it out in the rain and I think you'd have quite a fun time.
  8. What? I think they are the stock ones for a Holden VL...

    Aych Ess Vee, take it to the track/strip, tell us the time. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  9. BOSS!
    Well done mate.
  10. I'll give you six months before you get bored with the lag and realise you should have put in a V8.
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    No, the originals have covers on them. I think. And they are supposed to be straight. Like so.
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  13. Then put the #$%#ing Calais lights on it! They look a lot better!

    And what the hell is with naming two of the same cars different names? It's conf00sing! St00pid OZs. :-/
  14. The berlina is the middle model, the calias is the top of the range model and i think the executive is the base model commodore.

    fair sure im wrong in regards to where they fit in the heirachy.
  15. damn man, i envy your car
  16. nice work dude..congratz..:D....make some vids soon..
  17. I'm probably goin to change mine to a Calais exterior before I paint it

    Calais was the 'luxury model':
    power windows, power mirrors, cruise control, better interior, air con standard. Half pop-up lights, optional full 2 tone exterior, and side skirts

    Berlina was the inbetween model
    power mirrors, air con standard, okay cloth interior.

    Executive and SL were the shit models:
    none of the above, and a vinyl interior, air con an option

    The Calais lights are pop-up, or half pop-up anyway
  18. I would have put in a V8 if it wouldnt be so expensive to do so.
    Plus petrol.
  19. See, you're already lamenting your decision. And the RB burn's through fuel pretty quickly when driven hard too.

    Nonetheless, cool engine. Make sure you post some videos.
  20. Cool, the Calais look pretty boss with two tone paint and those lights.
  21. VL = my 6 cylinder turbo car.

    Maybe in a few years I will buy a C3 Corvette like I have always wanted to, and that'll be my V8 beast.

    I will try and make vids tonight when I see my mate so I can use his video camera.
  22. this is how I want it to look like
  23. That is nice. Not really sure about the baby blue, but whatever floats your boat.
  24. My mates VL Calais with RB25DET power, hawt and goes like a f*cking rocket too.

    Did you know that the VL is actually lighter than the R33 Skyline?

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