It is ok, she is 19

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jay2002WS6, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Okay, Jay, I'm willing to apologize for seeming to personally attack you and I fully admit I was implying my psych class 'should' give me more validity but you said it there, "sarcastic," as in I wasn't being oh-so-candid, and typical bullshit is indeed what I thought was the norm here.

    So, honestly, I'm surprised how butt-hurt/serious some of you are appearing to take my posts. Some of my posts are entirely sincere, but most of them - at least recently - are not. I'm sure you can figure most of them out by looking at the textual style, misspellings, etc. And this is sheerly BECAUSE plenty of members are often either denigrating or dismissive about what I say, so I don't bother to make every single post so damn serious anymore. A bunch of you were willing to be light-hearted about things I've said in this thread and another handful of you took the other extreme. Condemn me if you want, but don't forget how hypocritical you're being about it then.
  2. hnnnngg
  3. Listen you dirty jewish ghetto turk hemi-trashcan mother#$%#ers
  4. Wuts goin on here biscuits
  5. complete failure
  6. showing them real women who dun have plastic boobs and who dont shower with they dress on
  7. beat ass ho
  8. who dis nigga?
  9. some cuter/fuzzier than others

    w8 ware am i
  10. This thread is awesome. Leave it to Jay to get into a srs bsns argument over whether or not a girl is OMG HOTT.
  11. ripping into him!

    this is hot
  12. And with me, no less. A GURL! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>

    Prolly just insecure that not everyone's falling over themselves to validate his opinions. BUT WHAT WOULD I KNOW
  13. Jay just takes his e-ogling too seriously.

    EDIT: Especially on, where I'm fairly certain the human incarnation of Venus would be proclaimed 'not that hot' and numerous flaws would be listed.
  14. Kitsune is going all out.
  15. ive never experienced this phenomena; "boobs in the way"

  16. i wonder how she'd have fared in the old days of scn where the feuds were rampant
  17. Probably would've been scared off. SC (at least general chat) is so much more mellow now that it used to be.
  18. Have I gone too far?
  19. oh dude, so mellow. I wouldn't doubt if most forums on the internet turned more mellow too. Arguing on the internet seemed like such a fad.

    Remember there used to be like five 9/11 or iraq war threads going on the front page for like 4 years straight.
  20. I think part of the reason it happened on this board is that most of the people who post here on a regular basis have been here for at least a year or two, and as everyone's gotten older they've all (almost all anyway) gotten less e-angry and don't get so riled up about stupid shit anymore. When I was like 15 on here I'd argue with anyone about anything all day long just to pass the time.
  21. 100% agreed
  22. That really wasn't what pissed me off, but OK...
  23. I expected some people to agree, some to disagree... like F1LM says, this is where the 'human incarnation of Venus would be not that hot'...

    I just didn't expect to get attacked for my own opinion.

    But again, this is and I should have known better.

    I'm willing to take the blame for this whole argument and call a truce.
  24. Clearly she's not up to people's standards.

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