It looks like a Honda S2000

Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-8' started by MrBolo, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. This car has magnificent mechanical technology and a breaktrhough design that most of us are not so wild about. But the fact of the matter is that Mazda is triying to make an S2000 killer maybe it is this maybe it isnt!!!
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    I admit that the Rx-8 does take the aggresive sharp lines up front, but this is not an s2000 competitor. This car is a 4 seater and four doors, that is not a 2 seat roadster like the s2000. Although they both have two of the best NA engines on the market.
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    thats new. hmmm gess well see next year if this thing will fly or not.
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    I see as much in common between an S2000 and the RX-8 as I do between the Porsche Boxter and the Toyota Camry, the BMW M Coupe and the Subaru Forester, or the Audi TT and the new Bug (oops, that is the same car).
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    yeah i totoally agree it looks exactly like an s2000
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    the rx8 doesnt look like the s2000, but i can see how you can say that they do look alike. they are both cars, the rx8 does look more like the s2000 than an orange.
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    Make the RX-8 into a roadster and you will get an S2000 look-a-like. It does loko real nice and the twin rotary is sweet. But I still love the small RX7, I almost got beat by one the other day, but that is besides the point. Well it is a great car for the Ricers, but I will stick to my heavily modded Auidi S4 for now. I can live with my 600hp, lol. Well thats enough for my ego.
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    Thats the problem witht he automobile industry today...nothing is original anymore...all designs come from somewhere else...
    hell the thing i hate the most about todays auto industry is how the luxury cars look like the non-luxury cars their based off of. Example: Camry and lexus ES300...same damn car. Every car looks the same now a days, nothing is truly new. This RX-8 isnt really anything special but its rotary engine is pretty neat. 1.3 L putting out 250 bhp isnt bad.

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