It looks like a Shelby Series 1 to me.

Discussion in '2000 Marcos Mantis GT' started by zexneo, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. It looks like a Series 1 copycat, and it pretty much matches it in performance too.
  2. Re: It looks like a Shelby Series 1 to me.

    this is much faster then a series 1 and it looks betta too....<!-- Signature -->
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    It's also much older than teh Shelby Series One.

    Maybe not the car, but it's style.

    With teh Marcos cars it has been an ongoing evolution over a couple decades.

    I might even wonder if the look of the Series One was inspired by the Marcos cars.
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    It looks like a heavily modified Series 1. The back looks totally different though.
  5. zexneo, maybe you need glasses because you have messed up here. paganirules is right; Marcos started out back in the days when you could still buy a Cobra brand new, and most of their subsequent cars have shared the same basic silhouette.
  6. has never been right since it was updated a couple of months ago. Most of the threads have gone, and there are pictures of some shitty Max Power motor in my last post.

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