It looks like a Z8

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    have you ever seen a z8 the lights look almost exactly the same, and the body size, and they both have 8 clyinder engine<!-- Signature -->
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    YOU IDIOT!!!!

    I have seen many Z8's. In real life, too. The headlights are NOTHING alike.

    This car's headlights pop up like most vintage cars do. The Z8's do not. I admit the Z8 does have a slightly mongoose-style front end like this car does but so does the Panoz Esperante an the Z8 looks nothing like the Panoz Esperante. Headlights do not make a car.

    They both have V8's. You blooming idiot do you know how many cars have V8's?? We might as well compare this car the the Ford Mustang or Jaguar XJ8 or a Chevrolet pickup truck.

    Have I made my point yet?

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    I agree with you that this car looks absolutely nothing like a Z8, but i do have to stick up for the guy in the fact that the headlights do look alike. You need to pay a little closer attention when you're grilling somebody 'cause if you'd notice this car has fixed headlights, not pop-ups. Aside from that little faux-pas i agree with you.
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    no a z8 looks like a 300slr but still this looks better
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    It's a timeless classic.<IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
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    but still, i can see it. thats my favorite thing about the Z8. the way it looks so modern, yet so retro. <!-- Signature -->
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    no it doesn't at all. The headlights aren't similar either. Nothing is similar about the design.
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    a better comparison i 507 but regardless this came earlier<!-- Signature -->
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    Not that much of a resemblance. The only thing in common are the headlights.
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    are ya blind?!?!? this car never looks like a Z8!!! a Z8 is a roadster!! does this car look like a roadster? not in my eyes!! and those in german "Flügeltüren" (don't know the word in english, but means the doors) can't be placed at a Z8, because it's a.....yeah....a roadster *lol*

    so far so good

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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from impreza-guy</i>
    <b>a better comparison i 507 but regardless this came earlier</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->That was pretty much I was going to say.<!-- Signature -->
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    yes i see the resemblence it has 4 wheels
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    yea wow ok if that looks like a z8 then a jetta looks like a porsche, and is faster
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    you're right. I've seen a Z8 and a 507 together, and they share a lot of ressemblances.
    Although i've never seen a gullwing in real life, I can believe there are some comparisons with the 507, from a distance though...
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    I tried to throw a little comparison sheet together, to make it easier to compare the two. Look at the picture, then tell what you think.
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    I think the main resemblence is the long hood. Both cars have the en vogue look - at that time - of having a very long hood...Of course the Z8's is long for a different reason (they did it so that they could push the engine further back in the chassis; it actually sits behind the fron axle so for all intents and purposes the Z8 is a mid-engined car). The cars do have a couple vague similarities, but the Merc. has that special something that the Bimmer lacks. People buy and drive a Z8 with their balls: it's a ballsy car. They buy and drive this car - and it's siblings - with their heart...Only the heart could make you blind to how much your actually paying for it, even balls would balk at seven figures!
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    You look like a retard.
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    That was un-called for.
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    shouldn't the comment be "Z8 looks like SIlver Arrow SLR?"
    Now, are you gonna say Benz immitated Z8 in creation of this coupe?
    There IS such thing as wrong way of saying things...
  22. Cmon guys. This or a 250 GTO???

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