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  1. Now i have nothing against the Skyline, in fact i like it, but its just seems to me that 800hp in a 6 cylinder engine, seems like a little to much. With that much horsepower there is so much pressure on thoe 6 cylinders, so I have to say reliability must not be the greatest. Now i know that the six spot was used to reduce weight on the car, but there is one thing to remember, dont sacrifice speed for reliability.

    That's my problem with most civic wannabes. They go out, buy a civic and put some money in it and say it will smoke anything, then some 60 year old pulls up with a classic stang or camaro, amd roasts the civic, so the guy gets N20. Theres that much more pressure on the engine to perform and it just cant do it.

    Same with this car. I have always said you'll get more power from cylinders than any amount of turbo. obviously with a 10-12 cylinder car, there is that much more room for improvement. but at a certain point you've pushed the car to much, and i think this car is border line. i know it was designed for racing, but i still dont think it could go though that much rugidness.
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    The internals aren't stock, there would be at least forged pistons, and stronger rods and crankshaft, at least.

    BTW, the HKS R33 makes about 1400hp off it's 6, that doesn't bode well for reliability.
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    actually skylines have notoriously strong engine internals and have one of hte most overengineered engines in the market today. a skyline could make 800-900 horseepower on the STOCK BLOCK, and STOCK internals.

    in fact simply tuning up the boost a little on the stock turbos, doing a little ECU tinkering, and adding and exhaust has often netted as much as 100 hp on the stock skyline. there is no reason to suggest that this car cannot realiably make this kind of power.

    i understand your argument about people with civics and such. but a great number of civics roast on mustangs and camaros and vice versa. not everyone busts out n20 in order to win against american muscle when it comes to the straights.of course displacement is a good thing. it gives you a more workable torque band and more driveable vehicle (as a generalization). but many forced induction cars (when correctly tuned) can make a lot of power in both low and high rpms.

    actually a in the 80's formula 1 cars ran as much as 60-70 lbs of boost on 1.5 liter engines that produced over 1400 hp. these cars were among other things lightweight and cornered very well, being f1 cars.

    turbochargers in many ways actually take energy that would otherwise be wasted and reuse it to make power.
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    You might wanna let Nissan know about this problem then.

    "Dear Nissan Motor Company, I just had to inform you that there is way too much horsepower for this inline 6 to handle. I fear the engine will break down and not fuction properly anymore."

    Use your head. Don't you think that the mechanics and engineers at Nissan know what the hell they are doing? I'm pretty sure that the boyz at Nissan know how to make an inline 6 handle well over 800 horsepower and still be considered reliable. I'm pretty sure they know where to make the adjustments. Think about it. Thats why these guys get paid big bucks. Read the other posts. You could learn a few things.
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    Buddy, I think you need to move out of the darkness and smarten up a little ( no offense) . Do some research before you say something like that. RB26DETT has been pushing big horsepower for years. just as mentioned before... Im sure a compony running a car with one of the biggest racing history would catch up and realize something about this.
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    Ok dont be too harsh... Im a V8 kinda guy myself but this engine amazes me. It is one of the only inline 6s that will keep a v8 running scared... Sure there i a whole lot more potential out of a V8 or bigger engine but the weight difference i substantial. There are supercharged big block alcohol burning dragsters out there aka top fuel, that are pushing 6k hp plus, but your talking a car that can do a quarter mile in 4.5 seconds or less... when you talk racing i think the nissan inline 6 with mods is the best engine, all things considered. Plus the skyline is AWD and the coolest looking car around... but thats just my opinion...
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    Damn Straight! Dude I agree with you.
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    RB26DETT in R32, 33, 34 are made by nissan to be able to support 600+hp on the stock bottom end. i mean, top secret has a skyline putting out 1200hp. as with reliability, RB26's are almost bulletproof. the engine was designed for Group A Touring Car racing first and foremost, and undefeated in 4 yrs from 89-93 shows the real power of an RB-series motor.

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