It was only a matter of time...

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  2. Do u not like the car?
  3. Dude, the 300c is fine that one is tacky as hell.
  4. I saw one with an aftermarker grill the other day, it was mesh though, so it actually looked good, but the car turned out to be the V6 model.
  5. I think it looks good actually, I dunno, maybe uce seen a better bigger version of that pic, but I like it! and I hate SHowcars, I mean I rather drive a primer grey el camino with a blown 502, than a Mercedes SL 55 AMG! But I still think that one looks decent..
  6. And Regals are faster than Civics. Therefore they rock.
  7. That is fugly.
  8. Why should I shuttup, Im tired of this Crap! DO u wanna meet somewhere and I kick ure ass!!! HUH!!! I swear, what I said means I prefer high performance/ugly looks, rather than good looks/and not any performance ( even though the amg sl 55 is a very fast car

    I like cars that are No show and all go!

    Go kill yourself, I can have an Opinion If I want

    If u wanna tell me to shuttup again, tell me where u live! and ULl be getting a fatal surprise!
  9. this thread fails
  10. Well yeah it looks really cheezy...but damn that actual graphics of the game look pretty sweet.
  11. Those Bling Car games are corrupting the youth. Lol.
  12. looks too damn pimp.
  13. It looks dumb. I can just see some 19 years old G with a pimped out 300 2.5 V-6 model thinking it is the coolest ride ever when a Maurader or something would smoke it. I hate how they make so many games like NFS underground with outlandish cars that can go 250 off a bottle of NOS and intake and then kids actualy believe it. even if the game is fun really what is the point of curupting some 12 year old kid think a modded Civic can out run an Enzo. It bothers me
  14. LOL YOU ARE SO BADASS. dude you are so scary

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