Italian styling + amerikan powerplants...

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by PandaBeat, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. wow...are you that stupid, or do you just pretend?
  2. Italian car (for styling)
    German engine (for reliability)
    Italian exhaust (for the right sound)
    German brakes (for the proper stopping & reliability)
  3. Shut the hell up.
  4. my heart says italian

    my wallet tells me american
  5. my heart says italian

    my wallet tells me american
  6. you mean the one that looks like a capri??

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  8. aaaaaaahahaha not you again!
  9. lol!
  10. yes
  11. American cars sucks. Italian cars are much better, so we don't need their engines.
  13. in case of the De Tomaso Pantera, yes!
  14. Are you joking?
  15. otherway round is really worse: American styling with Italian engine
  16. Some people in this thread aren't even people.
  17. LOL. The only 7.0L forced-induction American powerplant that I know of has 750+ hp.
  18. haha, yeah it is
  19. German engineering, Italian styling (excluding Pinnin).
  20. Keep your mouth shut fanboy.
  21. italian is better being italian with no american crap in it.

    a ferrari just wouln't be a ferrari with an american engine.
  22. its called a Pantera!
  23. thats true. A Ferrari might actually last beyond 50k miles with an AMerican engine. Cant be having that kind of reliability.
  24. the pursuit of rpms over reliability is a noble and just cause.

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