Italian styling + amerikan powerplants...

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  2. Since 2003 DaSilva is the boss of the design for Audi and Seat.
    Now Donkerwolke has left Lamborghini and went to Seat, and DaSilva has left Seat for Lambo.
    Is this right?
    So all Audi cars after the face-lifted A4 has been designed under its supervision.
  3. Then you admit he didn't design them.

    [/End Discussion]
  4. On Audi magazine it is written that A6 design comes from DaSilva.Maybe in that period the chief designer was that Achim Badstubner. But after A4 face-lifting DaSilva is Audi chief designer.
    I actually don't know about TT's design coming form him (I supposed it) but Q7 comes from Pikes Peak concept, which is DaSilva's if I'm not wrong.
  5. Ok you first said Da Silva supervised the A6 design, then that he designed it and Achim Badstubner supervised it...will you change your mind again or finally give up? The only cars Da Silva has penned by itself so far at VAG have been Seats.
  6. I said "all cars AFTER face-lifted A4". This doesn't include new A6, which is previous to the A4 restyling. So A6 was designed by DaSilva, but maybe the chief designer was that guy you mentioned. After, DaSilva has becomed the chief designer. Do you understand what I mean?
  7. you're tiring, and wrong. Do you really think he had time to design himself both Audi's and Seat line-up? Of course not. The brand new Audi designs since September '05 will be made by him, but the previous were not.
  8. I would rather have an italian engine in an italian car!

    the italian cars look sophisticated and technological and just plain sweet looking so they need a nice looking and cool sounding engine.

    American cars are big bulky and heavy so they have weird sounding engines that sound like some grumbling noise while italian engines are more like a race engine would sound. and they are more advanced then any american engine will ever be... American engines are just big, loud and crap!

    and someone said before that a ferrari might last over 50,000 miles or some bullshit like that... i would trust my ferrari's reliability over any american car... every month you hear a GM or Ford recall so that is not reliable to me... how can you say that american cars are reliable when they have so many recalls and problems... it just makes you sound stupid.
  9. You really are a moron.

    American engines are not big bulky and heavy. Find me an engine with a better power to wieght that is less than twice the price of the LS7.
  10. exactly they are cheap pieces of crap.
  11. START -> Run... -> cmd

    format /u c:
  12. you call me a moron... what the hell kind of lingo are you talking?
  13. Everyone who voted "no," is too stupid to explain their reasoning.
  14. So the fact that it is more affordable while being better or as good in any relavant category means that it is bad? You are the perfect example of why 12 year olds should not use the internet.
  15. Not as perfect as italian styling + engine
  16. You guys can't seriously mean that you would rather have a an American engine in anything other than an American car! Would you replace, say, Alfa Romeos glorious 3.0 V6 with any engine (in the same class)? Or how about the 4.3 litre high reving V8 Ferrari uses in the F430? Or how about the classic Ferrari flat 12 from the Testarossa? The list goes on...

    In my opinion American engines are just not 'exotic' enough for Italian sports cars.
    Oh yes, some are very powerful, but not very cultivated or sporty. They lack the racy sound and responses of a high reving european unit. To me, that's everything a proper sports car engine should be.
  17. I agree with all of that except the first sentence.
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    You are officially the WORST person on this board.
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  20. Well it depends, I wouldn't like to see Ferrari or Maserati to use american powerplants since they have worked on engines for years and made and still make the engines that they believe that are perfect for the cars that they design. I wouldn't mind though to see an italian automaker to make its own cars using customized american powerplants.
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    ...and those videos prove what? That American cars can only drive in a straight line?
    I acknowledge the small running costs and reliability of the primitive American design, not to mention the torque and usability. Surely, it has its advantages, BUT...

    ...American engines are not as efficient and technically advanced as European ones, and for an Italian styled (sports)car you want something refined, high revving and reflecting the countless years of research in engine technology and Italian motorsport heritage.
    In short, it has to be exotic, and not some agricultural pushrod V8 with a couple of superchargers bolted on. You wouldn't have a Whopper with your Chianti, would you?
  22. Which is more fuel effecient, the Ferrari F430 or the Corvette Z06?

    Really you need to back up how the LS7 is agricultural, if anything Lambo engines are agricultural. Also the LS7 engine research, technology, and racing.
  23. "American engines are not as efficient"

    How are they less efficient? They use less fuel.

    "technically advanced as European ones"

    You mean they're less complex? Look at my sig to see what DaVinci thought about that. It's stupid to spend millions of $ on research just to achieve the same goalS that you achieve with a pushrod engine unless you're trying to pander to consumers who believe that higher cost and higher complexity necessarily = higher tech.

    "You wouldn't have a Whopper with your Chianti, would you?"

    I enjoy steak with my Chianti.

    I agree with you somewhat. Ferraris should have Ferrari engines, but American engines are far better than you realize.
  24. Im not talking fuel efficiency, but bhp per litre. How much horsepower does Ferrari extract from their 4.3 ltr. V8? 480 bhp. The Z06 has a 7 ltr. V8 that produces 505 bhp. See my point?
    As for the Lamborghini being agricultural; Are you saying that because they used to make tractors? A 48 valve, 4 cam V12 (the Murcielargo unit) is hardly agricultural.
  25. So what if it is 7.0L what if it is more compact and weighs less than the 4.3L v8. More valves and more cams does not = well engineered or advanced, just more complicated. Like said before hp/l is useless unless your in a displacement limited race of some sort or you live in a country where there are taxes on large displacements(and if your buying a car this expensive I highly doubt you care).

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