Italian styling + amerikan powerplants...

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  1. Some do, I'll agree. But some of them are very nice. You can't lump everything together, FFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT!
  3. 3.8 v6, 3.1 v6, all do. i cant say anything about any of these new engines

  4. Thats mature behavior for a moderator.
  5. Most of the pushrod v6 motors are crap. The OHC ones are ok, the shortstar in the CTS is a great engine.
  6. Monterverdi(sp?) HAI with 426 Hemi... so awesome.
  7. the only chevy cars that i have experience with were a 2002 impala LS, and a 2001 malibu. the engines werent unreliable by any means, but the way they picked rpms was just horrible, they're rough and unrefined
  8. That would be a 3.1 or 3.4 sfi, they are rough. The design is a holdover from 20 years ago, GM just keeps updating little things and people actually still pay money for them. So sad. The rpm thing is more the trans computers fault, they pick horrible shift points because the powerband is so weak on those motors.
  9. the impala was 3.8, the malibu was 3.1
  10. Both of those cars are crap, I feel sorry for anyone who bought one.
  11. we made money of them so its w/e really, my dad used to buy messed up cars, bring them back to life and sell them, thats where i learned most things that i know about cars, i'd sit there with him for hours
  12. Thats cool, I used to work with a guy who's wife bought one of those without asking him, he was so pissed.
  13. yeah gotta be real careful in that business about what you buy, i got screwed once with a 96 maxima, which had 87k miles on the speedometer, but in reality it had 187k back in 2001, and the car was bought around 2005-06, i found an engine/transmission out of a totalled maxima which 94k miles on it and swapped it, didnt lose any money, but didnt exactly make any

    it still drove and everything, but i just didnt want to screw anyone over
  14. Very true, a friend and I used to buy fixer uppers and sell em, in the long run you almost end up breaking even, so it really wasn't worth all the time.
  15. Italian Styling+German running gear=

  16. OMG. I totally forgot about this car.
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    but I'm talking about engine built specifically for one car, like Lamborghini's current V12, that was built for the Murcie, they don't go and whore it around to other companies, it was built only to power the Murcielago, and thas how its supposed to be in italian cars
  18. Oh, the Murcie engines that has powered the Miura, the Countach, the Diablo and now the Murcielago?
  19. So you're telling me that the 4.0 that powered The Lamborghini Miura P400 SV is the same engine as the 6.5 that powers the Lamborghini MurciƩlago LP640?
  20. They are all based on the same "ancient" Bizzarini V12, so while not the same engine, it's not 100% Murcielago exclusive.
  21. Its an update of a very old design. There hasn't been a clean sheet lamborghini engine in many many years. Whats your point anyway?
  22. It's true that we can still find traces on the V12's used today by Lamborghini with those they used in the past since the 350 GT, but that is quite different from being the same engine. Because if we look into it, then almost every car on the planet is using an old engine, because even if it's a new engine it's still most likely derived from an older engine.
  24. No, a clean-sheet design, is just that, starting with nothing.

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