it's a BMW DeLorean!

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  1. well that's just what it looks like to me...a BMW-ized, red-sprayed DeLorean. it's got like the same shape and dimensions!
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    Far from it, the BMW IS far better
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    have you vere seen a delorean, it is made in stainles steel, this car has nothing tho go withe a that american junk.
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    DeLorens are all steel and have 140 hp. This would kill a Delorean.
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    this car could drive circles around the 140hp DeLorean
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    Every time i see this car i think of the De Lorean. The M1 may perform much better but they still look pretty similar in my opinion.
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    the delorean had 130hp, but made up for it in torque. the delorean competed with cars like corrvette, ferrari, maserati, and porcshe. in fact 2 ferraris and 2 porcshes. it held its own. its relativly light too. you think that the stainless steel wieghs it down, but at 2800 pounds its not that heavy. that was pulled off by a fiberglass underbody. that was done so they could just unbolt the stainless panels if ever there be a fender bender. the suspention was based on the lotus double Y wishbone chassis, and even the under body looked like an esprit.

    the vette with a 350 had 197 hp. the ferraris were barely over 200. thats not too impressive is it. so the M1 and D were in totally different times. in 1981 the cars of the delorean class were struggling for performance and fuel economy. the delorean had the best mileage, but suffered. the automatic stats on this site are likely true, but the manual could pull 9.0 sec 0-60 if driven right. some even to 8.0 secs.

    still not talking big numbers in your mind? well, the vette gets its ass kicked by many of todays 4 bangers in all ways: handling, braking, name it. the vettes, porcshes and ferraris 0-60 times only went between 6.8 to 7.5 seconds. these were very bad years and the delorean had no choice but be stuck in it. the interior comfort and user frendliness of it were unmistakable. and it still looks comfortable. it was ment to be a luxury sports car, like the T Bird or aston martin convertible. if you compare the interiors to the other cars in 1981, it was the best you could get.

    these are the best ways to learn more. read the articles if you wish. its fairly good reading for history purposes:

    the whole site is quite interesting. the delorean came out with a highly rare twin turbo concept that never made production due to the companies unfortunate demise. its performance was estimated to keep up with if not beat the M1 and countach. 350 hp in a roughly 3000 pound car sounds like it could pull it off. also check out the gold deloreans. i have pics of me and it if interested.
  8. The De Lorean was a cool car, but no, it could never beat a Ferrari. And name one 4 banger, other than some track toy without a radio or air conditioning, that could possibly beat the Corvette.
  9. The M1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DeLorean.

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