It's a known fact that.........

Discussion in 'V8stangman's Website Forum' started by V8stangman, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. .....90% of the driver's side seat as been farted on. Now, don't deny this, you ALL did this.
  2. it's not as bad when it's leather though, but god damn leather is hot in the summer.
  3. I once farterd so hard while at the computer that the wind blew up the back of my tshirt and made the hair on the back of my head wiggle.
  4. I don't like farting in cars.
  5. I won't deny it.
  6. I will deny. Maybe the previous owners did, but I never farted in my car.
  8. Hai, when you guys fart, do you act like your car get's a turbo boost??!?



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