It's a Saturn L-series!

Discussion in '2000 Opel Speedster' started by erica057, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Now that GM owns both Opel and Saturn, the speedster shares its engine with the Saturn L-series. Bleh It's a shame for such a pretty car. I do love the dual vertical exhaust, though, but at 145 hp, 'speedster' is quite a misnomer.
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    it probably is the same engine, but don't shrug too quickly at 145 hp. if the car is light, which it is, and it has a good transmission, suspension, etc., then this car should be plenty fast for its price. (i believe in the low 20s, unless i am thinking about a different car)
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    This car has nothing to do with the saturn L-series. It's actually quite fast for such a low powered engine...

    I like

    Ciao, TR
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    Look how light this car is. Have you seen the Lotus Elise. That car has only 122 hp but it can sure move cause its so light<!-- Signature -->
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    Car and driver did an article on this car AND THET SAID IT SUX!!!!
    (car and driver know what there talking about)
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    no they dont! i have driven this car, and its fantastic!!! and if u say i havent driven anything else - well mate ur wrong
    some of the cars ive driven:
    ferrari 355 spider
    ferrari testarossa
    ferrari 575m maranello
    bentley arnage red label
    bmw z8
    and opel lotus omega (which i own :D)
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    you are right... put in a v10 or somethin
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    Saturn has a mid engine??
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    It's a bit more expensive than that -- more like the low $30k.
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    ya that will fit and it wont get any heavier...burn in hell
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    Yah but cooler, and it could use, say, at least 100+ hp.
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    don't forget about the Turbo-Version! I've driven both, turbo and non-turbo, i thought the 147hp version is ruff, but with the 200hp 2.0 litre turbo it's da bomb! Pure driving ecstasy!
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    where could i buy a speedster, it seems like there so hard to find.
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    147hp isnt so bad when the car weighs almost half as much as ur average car.
  16. This engine is also used in other 'more ordinary' GM-models. In the Speedster it weighs only 138 kg because it's made out of aluminium and it's placed behind the seats for ideal handling.
  17. You will find this car mostly in Western Europe cause it's been made in the same factory as the lotus Elise In England. With the 'opel' badge it has the steering wheel on the left side, with the 'Vauxhall' badge on the right side. Since they've now stopped producing this 'cheap' Lotus Elise, you can find it at prices round 20.000 euro.

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