It's about time this thing came out

Discussion in '2005 Hennessey SRT-10 Viper Venom 1000' started by RalphCM, Feb 19, 2006.

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  2. I always appreciate seeing new Viper fans, but you can't honestly believe this can outperform Koenigsegg and Dauer. Being a fan of a car is also knowing what the car can do and knowing where it belongs. HP and Top speed mean nothing to million dollar cars who are among the fastest and best handling in the world. If you really like a car, you'll take time to study it and know that it's not unbeatable, especially when compared to the likes of the above.
  3. Supercarstudent? I'm not quite sure where you're coming from saying that ..

    "mean nothing to million dollar cars who are among the fastest and best handling in the world."

    The World Drift Champion is currently Samuel Hubinette using .... wait for it ... A Dodge Viper. This car won all the ROAD COURSE TESTS. Which are all about handing, not HP and Top Speed. The challange I see here is that some people just don't like American cars or the Viper in general. But the challange is that they have put up and won almost every class division that exists in every racing veneue they could enter.

    I don't get how that would make it NOT compare in handling. f anything I'd like to see how well some of these other PROTO-Type cars handle both on the real world race courses as well as the more important REAL WORLD that most people live in.

    Personally I think the Turbo-Porsche is the best all around sports car in the world, but when it comes to racing and putting a race car on the road, the Viper simply is one of the best. It's not the most comfortable driver in the world, but it certainly handles well.
  4. I know the Viper is a good car. I'm a fan of it myself. Viper has back to back class wins at Le Mans, 5 time FIA GT Champion (Driver and Manufacturer's respectively), SCCA Speed Champion, 1 Lap Of America winner, 3 or so times at Nurburgring, etc. All of that proves it's ability to handle and to get up and go. But let'e be serious now... We're talking about a car that weighs 1200 lbs. less, has 230 more HP, and is known to be one of the best handlers ever. I'm a Viper fan, I mean I really love it, but damnit I'm not stupid. Even against a 1000TT Conversion, a 962 would slaughter it, unless it was some type of NASCAR style track. Would a Tricycle beat a Veyron? Of course not because they belong to a different class of vehicles. Within its class, Viper is undoubtedly the best as it has proven itself countless times. But don't match it up unfairly with something way out of its league.
  5. Supercarstudent,

    I totally agree with you on the comparison of Le Mans, purpose built cars, compared to street legal cars. Along the same lines when you compare 3000 lbs cars to 2000 lbs cars, performance is going to skew in the direction of the lighter car no matter what. The same thing goes the other way though with the 4162 lbs Veyron compared to the 3430 lbs Viper. The more wgt the less cornering or more inertia it carries into the corners. I was not saying that it's handling is better then cars that wgt 1000 lbs less then it, just that when you compare it to cars in it's class (read that as street legal supercars in the 3000 lbs range or greater, which includes some of the BIG Ferrari's, Lambos, etc) then the Viper very much holds it's own. I just have a hard time when people say the car doesn't handle well when as you've said it's proven itself so many time in so many racing venues.

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