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    I hope you're not insinuating that the R500 is faster than the Panoz LMP Lemans racer? Because other than that, Panoz only makes the rather mild Esperante, and the AIV roadster, neither of which are anywhere near the bare-bone race car status that this car is. And face it, if you're stupid enough to belive the R500 will beat the LMP around ANY track, then why not go email Caterham that they should run the Superlight in Lemans?
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    Don't bring race cars into it. You'll just spread the fire.
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    I didn't, Pure Malvagio or whatever his name is did... unless he's stupid enough to compare this to the Esperante or the AIV roadster.
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    Esperante or AIV roadsters are over rated by many. Its a common mistake. If I were going to use a domestic car against the R500 on a track, I'd use a Saleen S7 or WCM Ultralight S2K. I don't know if even that could keep up though. In some of the vintage and SCCA races cars like this destroy almost everything; Cobra replicas, track only NSXs and Corvettes. Lots of people have their Super 7 as a driver/racer and beat the trailer queens. Its just hard to beat a car this light on a track.
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    You can apply this to many cars. All dodge did when they made the Viper is take a small (but still overweight; seriously, a 3500 lbs 2-seater!?) frame and stuff a massaged truck engine in the front. It handles corners pretty well too, but then you should consider that it has tires wider than anything we compare it to in handling tests. None of these things take any engineering ability and the Viper is still the most raved about domestic sports car. Its certainly not worth the sticker price.
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    If I were to pick any American car in a race against the R500, I'd take the Mosler Mt900 Photon. 1900lbs and 435hp. It has very similar acceleration to the R500, a much higher top speed, and handles like a dream. I say it would give the R500 a run for its money.

    It costs about 200,000 USD, but it worth every penny. It's one hell of a piece of engineering.
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    I don't know...This site lists the weight at 24XX lbs and 345 bhp, thats weaker than many of the Cobra replicas and they get beat by Super 7 replicas that are much weaker than the R500. Plus the LS1, though having a lot of peak torque, has a narrow powerband, falling flat between 5000-6000 rpm. I don't think it has the race-bred handling Caterham, Saleen, and WCM have.
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    2400 is the reguar MT900. The regular photon was stripped down to 2189 lbs at the time of the C&D test and has been further stripped since then (a couple hundred pounds, according to Mosler's site.)

    Doesn't have race-bred handling? It's a damn race car, and it kicked ass in the C&D shootout, registering third through the road course, and it the writer commented that with an extra 100hp it would have almost undoubtably won. Well, it picked up another 10hp and shed a couple hundred pounds.

    (BTW it beat a 540hp Superformance cobra replica in that exact test)
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    I'm just saying that it doesn't have the race history. I'm sure it does welll in standardized tests.
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    That doesn't detract from it being a race car. It also just finished second in the Bathurst 24 hour classic.

    My money's on the Mosler for ANY endurance race, and most tracks. I'm sure there are a few tracks with little to no straight-aways where the R500 would be faster.
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    BTW, the Photon now uses the Ls6, not the Ls1, which is why is has 435hp.
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    like i said before, this car is probably older than most of you here, probably older than some of your dads, the first one being built in 1958, that cost just under $1000 usd and had a 1100cc 40hp engine and a 0-60 time of 14.3secs and a topspeed of 97mph. The fastest version ever was powered by 2 kawasaki 1200cc superbike engines and produced 380hp, it had a 0-60 time of 2.8secs, topspeed of around 150mph, 150mph doesn't sound alot, but the fact that it stays near its topspeed when being raced gives it an amazing average speed around a track, so much so that this has beaten a pagani zonda c12 around a circuit, plus the fact that even that, one of the most expensive 7's ever still only costs half that of a ferrari 360 modena. The R300 and R500 are still more than capable of humbling such cars around a track. Also i think you are a little sad, desperately searching for a car that could beat this, what do you have against it, it is a beautiful car and an amazing machine, give it some respect
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    Thanks for the history lesson.

    Did you just call me sad? If you would do a little reading around this forum and a few others, you would see that I have great respect for this car and all that it can and has achieved. It's simply one of the best cars ever created, no denying that. Pure_Malvagio or whatever his name is said "The R500 will dominate ANYTHING America has to offer" and I simply brought up a car that I thought would in no way be dominated. Doesn't seem "sad" to me at all.
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    Certain american cars can beet it, but they are all super-lights like this one.
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    Well, who cares about the long as you can smoke an F50 from a Traffic light just once, and you can always fix it again if it breaks.....try doing that with a >>puke
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    This pisses me off to no end. You can't compare this against a corvetre or viper just because of acceleration. It would be just like comparing a Hummer H1 against a Bugatti Royal just because they get from 0-60 in the 18 second range. In case you retards haven't noticed there aren't many cars like the Caterham built because there is not a big market for them. Let me tell you why not many of them are built. Because the deuschbags in todays world only care about the top speed of their cars not the handleing or breaking of the cars. Very few people actually go out and drive their car on a race track a couple of times a month. Basically you only drive your car in town. Where is there ever a space to get above 100 and keep going that speed. The guys who compare this against cars like the Viper need to stop haveing anal sex their boyfriends
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    Yo, Khari you said that the MT900 Photon costs $200,000 but you can get the R500 for less than £20,000 if you look arround at tenth of the price and the same handling and speed i think id go for the R500

    who else would just for the price diffrence please post ypur vote. us english can count you see so it wont be unfair AND cause a war and death from friendly fire no disrespect
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    Ummm - I am not sure what your point is .....

    Are you saying we shouldn't compare it against a Viper simply because most people don't race these cars ?

    So what *SHOULD* we compare ? This is a sports car web-site. It's exactly what it says it is on the tin - "" ....

    So what is wrong with comparing the acceleration and handling ability of two (or more) difference sports cars ?!?!? I thought that was what this whole forum is all about.

    I really don't see what your problem is. Unless it's that a Seven out-handles a Viper or Corvette .... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Ohhh how wrong you are! I read an article where they took a number of cars ranging from a Diablo SV to an BMW M3 round the Nurburg circuit. There where some pretty fast cars such as the Porsche 911, TVR Chimera, Honda NSX etc. Even without the top speed of the Diablo it wasn't much slower than the Porsche GT2. I'm not sure which Caterham they tested but the R500 superlight's even faster than the R300 - 0-60mph in 3.4sec.
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    I think some people need to calm down. The Caterham is a continuation of the original Lotus 7. As such it origins date back to the 50's.

    For those of you that are obviously not in the know the seven is the closest street legal car in Europe that you can get to a single seat racecar. Around a circuit there is very little that will catch it. To start a race war to see if the UK or US makes better cars than this is crazy. Just appreciate the car for what it is.

    Not that I want to start the arguments again but if you watch Clarkson’s first video. There is a two-mile drag on a runway. Cars competing were: -

    Porsche 993 Turbo
    Lotus Esprit V8
    Chrysler Viper
    TVR Cerbera
    Aston Martin Vantage
    Caterham Superlight R


    TVR Cerbera
    Porsche 993
    Lotus Esprit V8
    Aston Martin Vantage
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    just somthin to say to all those people that dont think the caterham is a racing car. 'ITS THE MOST RACED CAR IN THE WORLS THERE IS 12 DIFERENT RACES FOR THE CAR THERE A WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS EVERYTHING ITS BEEN BANNED FRON NUREMBURG BECAUSE IT WAS TO FAST' and one thing to say to all the yanks that say they've got somthing that can beat a caterham 'point to england on a map, not the england in america but the one in europe(theres a hint for you), then bring your americain car to santa pod(a drag strip in england) and race an r500 and look at its nice pretty bum as it leaves you for dead then take it to a track and it would probably lap your crappy american cars.

    theres laws on how fast you can drive your car but theres not laws on how fast it can accelerate.
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    lol dude i have to agree and back you up on that 100% did you know that Lotus used to own this car and in 1973 Lotus sold the manufacturing rights of the car and existing parts stock to their largest dealer Caterham Cars... these cars are quite amazing and you are completely right when you say it is one of the most raced cars in the world.. it has won numerous amounts of races over its history and if you cant respect this car for what it is and try and compare it to 'quote<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>rappy american cars' then please dont post at all because this car is in completely different league..
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    Minimum weight, marginal space, Maximum Attack. For all of those ignoramas who do not respect the caterham's supercar-humbling tendencies, read this:
    It says that the caterham superlight R500 is positively, definitely, and now, officially the quickest car in the world. Touche!
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    mmm verry impressive 11,44sec wow
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    i wonder how it sounds

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