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Discussion in '1967 Ferrari 330 P4' started by RadoMan, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. *sniff* *sob* It's... so... Beautiful! I want one!!!

    *huh* does anyone know how reliable it is? is the engine solid, does it brake often or needs heavy maintenence like a brit car of the same year? or, what?<!-- Signature -->
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    WOW...that has to be one of the wildest designs from Ferrari that I have seen!! the black looks awesome on it, too..and the HP ain't too bad either!! (where can I get a test drive to take a few laps in this bad boy? LeMans, Sebring, Silverstone, Nurburgring even? LOL) this is sweet
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    The 330/P-4 is probably the sexiest car ever made. Sure the GT-40 kicked the shit out off it, and the GT-40 is also very, very cool. But when you get the chance to see the P-4 in person, you will realize that no photographer can do this car justice. Ralph Lauren owns one, Pierre Bardinon has the second one in his Mas de Clos collection, I'm not sure who owns the third one. In 1994 at the historics in Laguna Seca Ralph Lauren had his parked next to two P-3s in the Ferrari tent. Then it actually ran some laps!!My pics are in a photo album, not digital, but will try to get them out.
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    the GT40s were beat by this, the Fords beat the GTOs, so ferrari built this to beat the GT40s. and yes this is amazingly beautiful!
  6. I'm sure it'd be a blast to drive, but if I owned one, I would not drive it on the track. Too rare, to valuable, completely irreplacable. However, I would definetely drive it on the lonely and twisted roads of the alpine highways, the coastal highways in California and the Meditterranean, and on the autobahn.
  7. love it!!!
  8. dont worry about all those things i know ul never get to drive one unless u know ralph lauren personally
  9. Love it, but the back looks terrible.

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