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  15. Dubbed the "Sale of the Century", the auction of thousands of items belonging to the disgraced and bankrupt Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei is expected to last until Thursday.

    The sale - which is being handled by the British auction firm Smith Hodgkinson - was prompted by the collapse of Prince Jefri's Amedeo Corporation in the Asian economic crisis four years ago.

    Brunei auction
    Bidders pay $550 just to attend
    Contained in the 60-page auction catalogue are 10,000 lots - a vast array of items bought by Amedeo, which was involved in building and furnishing numerous palaces, hotels and commercial projects in Brunei.

    Among some of the items, crammed into 21 warehouses are:

    # 8,500 slabs of Italian marble, 200 wrought iron Victorian lamp posts, rooms full of Baccarat crystal and Limoges porcelain, and hundreds of Louis XIV-style sofas and chairs.

    # A flight simulator for an Airbus A340 airliner, a Comanche attack helicopter simulator, and a formula one racing simulator

    # Two fire engines belonging to Prince Jefri, also for sale privately.

    # Hundreds of gold plated toilet brush holders.

    # Dozens of televisions, ovens, washing machines and other household appliances.

    # Hundreds of lamps, shades and fittings.

    # More unusual entries on the list include Lot 3003 -"three various metal sculptures", Lot 3477 - "a child's slide", and Lot 3249 -"a stainless steel 2 door pizza oven."

    # Thousands of items of crockery and utensils, many made by the British luxury goods firm Asprey, including plates, champagne flutes, jugs and coffee pots.

    # A Jacuzzi in "white, with gold plated fittings," two baby grand pianos, a "cast erotic sculpture, three automatic tennis ball servers.

    # Two hundred cast iron lamp posts.

    Unofficial estimates say Brunei could rake in about $17m from the auction, excluding the privately sold lots (like the simulators).

    Two hundred street lamps are also on sale
    Amedeo collapsed after it came to light that its extravagant director was draining the country's foreign currency reserves with his opulent lifestyle.

    The prince settled a civil action brought against him by his brother, the Sultan of Brunei, after agreeing to hand back assets he had acquired during his time as finance minister.

    These included several hotels, aircraft, a fleet of yachts and businesses including the luxury goods firm Asprey of London. The prince was accused of misappropriating $32.8bn of state funds.

    He also faces a multi-million dollar civil court action by creditors, but efforts to serve court summonses on him have so far failed as he left Brunei before court officials could get in touch with him.

    The prince, who now divides his time between London and Paris, left behind a fleet of expensive cars - many of which could not be started because of neglect.
  16. A huge auction has got under way in the tiny Sultanate of Brunei, where more than 10,000 items that once belonged to a company controlled by the disgraced Prince Jefri Bolkiah are on sale.

    The sale - which is being handled by the British auction firm Smith Hodgkinson - was prompted by the collapse of Prince Jefri's Amedeo Corporation in the Asian economic crisis four years ago.

    Prince Jefri - the younger brother of the Sultan - was forced into bankruptcy when it was revealed he had been spending state money to the tune of $1.4bn over 10 years.

    The 10,000 items under the hammer include some of the world's finest crystal and porcelain, and even a flight simulator for a jumbo jet.

    Heavily guarded
    Hundreds of foreigners and locals packed a heavily guarded former plastercast factory converted into a warehouse to bid for a share of the royal possessions.

    Those attending had to pay a deposit of $550 just to get in. The sale is expected to last for six days.

    A marble table worth $195 was the first item to be sold, followed by a brass cannon for $1,500 dollars.

    "The auction was a success and I'm glad that things went well," said Allan Widdos, the director of liquidators.

    Luxury items
    Local residents dominated Saturday's session, bidding for an assortment of furniture and practical items, such as storage shelves and sewing machines, with foreigners apparently waiting for the luxury items, participants said.

    For sheer variety, the sale has been billed as the biggest auction ever mounted.

    Goods available include 8,500 slabs of Italian marble, 200 wrought iron Victorian lamp posts and rooms full of Baccarat crystal and Limoges porcelain.

    There are hundreds of Louis XIV-style sofas and chairs, a flight simulator for a jumbo jet, hundreds of gold plated toilet brush holders, even two fire engines.

    In all, 21 warehouses are crammed with goods amassed by Prince Jefri over a 10-year period.

    Crammed warehouses
    Smith Hodgkinson partner Neil Duckworth, who spent four days viewing some of the items contained in the warehouses, said it was impossible to estimate their total value.

    "In the time I was there, it was impossible to see everything... there are warehouses crammed full from top to bottom with items originally intended for the construction and lavish furnishing of hotels and palaces," he said.

    Unofficial estimates say Brunei could rake in about $17m from the auction.

    "There is something for everybody," said George Leslie, senior partner in Smith Hodgkinson.
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