It's..... girly

Discussion in '2005 Porsche Boxster S' started by confusedshus, Oct 3, 2004.

  1. It is. I'd drive it if it were a gift, but for less i can get an s2000. It's too.... bulbous and not better. Whata ya think?
  2. You're girly.
  3. this is a lie.... at the dealership it says specifically and at the website... that the HP is up to 280 now... 240 is bullshit... that woiuld convince anyone enough to get this over that shit s2000
  4. Heh, you trust a dealership? I work at one, the biggest mistake you could do is trust a dealership, when you buy a car.
  5. The last boxster was available in two trims. What we're talking about is the ENTRY-LEVEL boxster. And 240hp is NOT bullshit. The S2000 is great, but this is better.
  6. how can you compare a Porsche to a Honda??
  7. wtf are u smoking
    ur probably driving like a chevy vega
  8. ur right i didnt specify.. i meant the S was supposed to have 280...
  9. I agree w/ carrera, Honda cant be compared to a PORSCHE, or anyother german or european car for that matter. Euro cars give you the HP, style and handling you pay for. American and asian cars are nothing more than cheap HP, with some exceptions that it, but not hondas.
  10. Honda doesn't give you half the luxury Porsche does.

    Porsche has racing heritage and tradition behind its badge
  11. tru dat!
  12. jump in the car at ur dealership, see the speed combined with the handle and tell me its girly... im sure ull change ur mind

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