It's not even on

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  1. we've not had one of those for years
  2. Yeah... Im at work and can't be bothered, though.
  3. might as well also point out that he's the gorillaz
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    also real good,

  5. now he's going to listen to Clint Eastwood and go "HOLY SHIT?¬!!"
  6. nah, i knew that. that's why i was blown away about girls & boys. I had heard that song quite a few times, and I knew of the more recent history of blur.
  7. I'm at home and I can be bothered.
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    sounds just like blur tbh

    i always find it funny that song 2 gets played at stadiums all the time and it was a song making fun of those kinds of songs.
  9. lol true, alot of songs that get played at stadiums are like that.
    ITT: Name more songs like that..
  10. so i can be careful not to like htem
  11. born in the usa is actually anti-patriotism
  13. im sure they are ironically cashing those royalty checks
  14. what a perfect scheme to remain authentic while making money

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