Its officially summer on northern hemisphere.

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  1. Tenday showing +20C. News told the sun is now as hot as it is in Las Palmas during midwinter. :)

    Also its nine and sun has not set yet.

  2. Yeah weather is super nice here as well. About damn time.
  3. Getting better and better here too, and it's about time!!
  4. Yeah 30 Celsius here yesterday. Damn hot
    I am preparing for a nasty fire season again. And 40 plus degree weather this year for sure
  5. Yehh, it was only 39f this morning for me

    Went to the Zoo sunday and weather was peeeeerfect. 70f, mostly sunny, 3-9mph breeze
  6. got my shorts on
    my tan isn't there yet though o_O
  7. It was 0C a few times last week, with flashes of snow which made work really fun. 6 individual crashes all within a minute or two, all within 100m of eachother.

    The forecast for this weekend is I think 23ish, so finally starting to feel nice, but rain/thunder etc
  8. Yeah we had snow and hail last week as well. Now it's going to be 23/24. Finally.

  9. aw ye. just gonna adjust the bass and let the Onkyo blast to this track
  10. It's not going to be nice and cool at least until November here. Hope this summer isn't as intense as last year's. That was the worst I'd experienced.
  11. Yepp, Summer has arrived here too. :) Swedes-obsessed-with-summer-HejSweden.jpg
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  12. tonight was SO NICE
  13. Yeah it was like, warm today. The car said it was 23C but I think it was a bit optimistic.
  14. Yesterday when I woke up it said it was gonna be a high of 59F. So, I wore long handles under my normal polo, and a performance pullover on top. When I went to lunch, 79F.

    Make up your mind, weather
  15. Rode my bike to work this morning with a windchill of 38F/3C :|
  16. It looks like summer in Alberta, Canada.
  17. thank god it's not summer here yet, either technically or effectively. thank god. soon Everglades season will be back in full force in DC, and i'm sure it's only a matter of days now until the mosquitoes bloom. ZIKA TIME, BITCHES!! ^_^
  18. Crap weather this weekend. Cloudy and max 13C, at night it goes down to like 4C. Hopefully it gets better soon!
  19. Speak for yourself; it snowed in Toronto.
  20. And it's not even 11am.
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  22. at least you didn't have to call the army in this time
  23. In california we definitely take summer for granted. Sunny days feel pretty great

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