It's over, America is finished.

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  1. That's because lots of girls born after 1990 likes gook-wannabe instead of normal guys.

    Gook-wannabe guys usually quite weak and sissy, often no match for normal guys in a fight. You can beat them up easily if they go gook on you.
  2. Norris>Yeager
  3. The good projects are the ones that the CIA puts their money into.
  4. Don't forget, the F22, and F35 are both "white world" projects. The stuff that everyone else really has to worry about, doesn't exist <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  5. norris>yeager>chinas airforce.
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    Plane flew today and was recorded on video.

    Now what 鬼佬?
  7. There's a few high res photos around now.
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    The B-2 isn't invisible in the visible, either, and that's where a lot of the "Aurora" dollars went.
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  11. Whats the resolution on a spyplane anyway? When most estimates say a modern spy satellite is something like 6". And can't be shot down.
  12. and can't be sent some place on demand, and can't stick around too long, and sometimes have easily-known orbits. and the whole cost to launch.
  13. I'm not throwing out the doctrine. I totally understand the point of a lot of stuff like the RQ-4 and the next generation of surveillance UAV's. I'm just skeptical of a lot of the things people attribute to the Aurora.
  15. The J-20 looks huge.
  16. oh. now i see what you meant. ya, i dont know why people still talk about the Aurora project. i guess they crave a new Blackbird or something. and in that case, ya spy satellites ftw.
  17. I know you're just a troll and its working. Because I wanna punch you in your #$%# and make you bleed for the rest of your life.
  18. Why? Are you Korea devil style lady boy?

  19. No, but if meet you in real life expect a punch to your cooter.
  20. No, korea celebrity gooks look quite different from one another after many plastic surgeries, but they look the same before they were famous.
  21. Why? That is quite cruel maybe.

    If I meet person from this site, maybe I do like last time when I meet someone from "internet"

    -Eat many various animal dish
    -Drink many "Harbin beer" bottle
    -Go to Nanjing lu 789 bar in Shimao building, enjoy view and drink more
    -Smoke "marijuana cigarette" and drive in taxi around elevated road, enjoy city light maybe
    -Go to this one cool place near Tianzifang after closing time, have own private party inside
    -Chill on street with homeless ragamuffin from Henan, eat 羊肉串, get bag of cold beer from Family Mart and talk shit about government.

    I think is nicer way to spend night than punch cooter. But maybe America person like different things.
  22. Give him some "delicacies" to eat like fried pig intestine or goat kidney, and don't tell him what it is until he eats it all. If he asks while eating just say it is some kind of sea food or sawsage. I had done that to laowai.
  23. Stop
  24. Maybe I will not waste good dish like goat kidney on 鬼子 like that. Is much better to let that kind of person eat bad taste process food and get nanjing-raped by ghetto nigger and korean
  25. What's kinda funny is most people in america will still be laughing and making fun of chinese stuff when its better than anything america makes.

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