Discussion in '1952 Chrysler ‘Thomas Special’ Prototype' started by Cash05, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. ok so you need to go off roding soyou get in your Hummer and go off roding for as long as long as you like. well maybe not, maybe you need to go to a party. well it looks great so just go and dont be embaresd becuase your hummer takes up 2 parking spaces its cool. well maybe you like loud music. well let me tell ya theres plenty of room for a system. hhmmmm sounds great. o darn it, theres a 6 foot rivere of water in your way well your in a hummer so just go. well have you ever been behind an old woman or old guy and yourin a gig hurry so you just run em over and keep going. <!-- Signature -->

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