Its really the size of the knot

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  1. That makes or breaks a State of the Union address.
  2. Did he declare war to another country?

    If not, I'm not interested.
  3. He's going to focus on increasing infrastructure while freezing domestic spending.

    Now my head hurts
  4. He wants to challenge China.......yea right....
  5. If you were socialist, this would make perfect sense.
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  7. More hope and change eh?
  8. failed attempt at pleasing conservatives and liberals
  9. Thought this was going to be a paul thread about dogs having sex
  10. I'll wait till the rest of the angry conservatives post before saying I liked it and agreed with it.
  12. !!!
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    Was expecting a thread about neckties again.

    Was at work so I couldn't watch it, but found a couple summaries from different points of view. Sounds like he's taking a play from Clinton's book and moving right of center.

    Short short summary:

    Liberal point of view (though I must say for the Huffington Post pretty fair)

    Second article is the better read as you can see Obama really didn't please anyone in his base tonight.
  15. im disappointed too friend

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