it's saturday night

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by countdown, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. and im at a lanparty. with a bag of CHEE-TOHS next to me and a bottle of JUPILER in my hand.

    what a nerd.
  2. lan parties are fun

  3. I'm going to stuff your ass into a trash can nerd
  4. whooze got the booze
  5. UFC tonight,,, go hang out with the boys, watch the fightS, drink a few and argue over every fight about why that guy was winning untill he lost and how that guy barely won.

  6. I am going to a bar then to a house party. Then tomorrow superbowl bbq...I don't even watch football I guess I'll just get drunk or something.
  7. im on

    i got invited to go get drunk but my chest still hurts from puking last night
  8. I've been either online or in bed for the entire day. None of my friends can do anything tonight and BR's been gone the whole day for a dudes' night out-type thing with his friend. This has been the most worthless Saturday ever.
  9. I've been watching Jackass marathon on MTV all afternoon and the cricket's not too far off starting. It's also sunday, but I'm still not going to get anything done today.
  10. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  11. It's sunday afternoon.
  12. it sunday morning.
  13. Ya totally. Y dun u come over, bb?
  14. That's what last night was like for me. Girlfriend was at her friends 18th birthday and half of my mates are in Vietnam, the other half were working (though I was too), so when I finished I had nothing to do except watch Tennis.
  15. I had another Chinese New Years dinner.
  16. Got wasted last night, feeling really lazy today.
  17. its Sunday now, but last night as bunch of people had a Halo3 Lan party over at my parents house. I think it was 9 people or so. I suck completely at Halo so I was just a distraction and killed anyone I found regardless of which team they are on. Mostly because I couldnt tell anyway. I do have to say my favorite mode is zombie mode.

  18. had a cool night..couple of parties and went to a bar
  19. went to see fights. went to house party. got epically drunk. fUcking prime night.
  20. It's Monday morning, it's snowing, I'm tired, and I'm on my laptop.

    HIT IT!

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