it's shit like this that makes america so obese

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  2. nope, medium. same with any other kind of meat that can handle medium or rare.

    i dont like burgers to be medium or rare. needs to be well done.
  3. I hate burgers that are still pink inside.
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    that would be ok if it didnt have gouda melted all over it
  5. many americans order it like that
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    wow she's hot.
  8. what's with the #%$gy well-done burger crew signing in?

    maybe yall should eat salads instead
  9. I once got horrible food poisoning from an undercooked Whopper at Burger King (i know) and now I think its a mental thing, but i have trouble enjoying medium burgers.

    However, most other shit I undercook.
  10. ok, obama
  11. luke wants to know if people still listen to his podcast here

    Longnecker: Do you know if people on still listen to the podcast? I'd love to find a way to get their feedback, if so.
  12. is he your new boyfriend or something
  13. ugh, they don't have labels ok?
  14. feedback? all he got was abuse from the people here. why is he suddenly expecting feedback?
  15. At brunch yesterday, the table of three next to us ordered four dishes and a dessert. I figured they were going to take one to go. Instead, the hambeast of a chick at the table eats her huge omelette, pushes the plate aside, and then eats an entire order of stuffed French toast like it was the most normal thing in the world to have two gigantic plates of food every morning.
  16. was she drinking diet coke? if she was drinking diet coke, then it's ok.
  17. She probably only drinks insulin. By the pint.

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