I've been away for like 6 years

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ssa rM, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. I haven't really logged onto this board in probably about 6 years...what's been going on? Any of the old school members move on, die or anything exciting?
  2. well there are more gay people on this site
  3. I remember you.

    most the oldschool members have left/exodus to superbars.net
    mclaren777 is a mod.
    a lot of other stuff
  4. I remember you. I remember not liking you.
  5. welcome back.
  6. It's as lame as ever. I visit once a month or so for some unknown reason. Probably because I've been coming here for a decade.
  7. amgrulz + cmg + fump + mc777
    then theres harka (gong gona qi che) trolling them
    any questions?
  8. I bought all the shares of sc.net.
  9. I remember you, you either loved or hated GM, I think u loved them. Anyway, how is life?
  10. I remember you, but I dont know much about you.
  11. i could swear ive seen you around in those 6 years.
  12. he's only really been around in the most loved picture of chevy admitting he's a retard.
  13. Uh welcome back
  14. that could explain it.
  15. i remember you.
  16. Is it sad that someone left this forum SIX years ago, yet I remember him?
  17. lots of members became gay
  18. I remember your username
  19. it's a fad, straight is the next big thing in 2012
  21. You have not been gone that long.
  22. They come back, they always come back.
  23. better gay acceptance, more religious fundamentalism, more leftist tree hugging eco hippies

    a bit of a win/lose situation
  24. Ya, you're into muscle cars and had bought one that needed work. Maybe the Olds in your avatar? I finished my '72 Vette, Obama was elected president, and the economy failed since you've been here.

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