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  1. After a trip out of town, and after another few days of being in town and driving the Jeep, I fired up the GTO and ran some errands in it. Something under the hood was making a serious #$%#ing racket, on the order of shitty pulley bearings or a belt going bad. I JUST dealt with this shit like 8 months ago - I replaced both belts and both the idler and tensioner pulleys on the accessory drive back then and all was well - but here we are again.

    Back then I also bought the idler and tensioner pulleys for the A/C drive but never put them on, because I never had to. So I figure its probably one of those. I took the A/C belt off and sure enough, no squeal. Sweet. So I replaced the A/C tensioner and started to work on the A/C idler.

    This mother#$%#er has a Torx bolt. Who the fvck decided on that shit? Whatever, got the T50 bit that I needed for it. But the damn bit only goes like 1/16th inch into the head of the bolt! There's no room to really get a driver in there with any amount of dexterity, and it just falls out of the bolt head whenever I try to get any actual torque on the bolt. So I'm basically stripping the shit out of it, and I decide to move up to a bigger bit, but that's not working either. So I fvcking JB welded a hex bit in there, and even after PB blasting it 5 or 6 times over the course of 16 hours, that shit ain't budging.

    What the hell am I supposed to do to get this out? I've got about 6 inches of room laterally, and about 6 inches of room fore and aft on the bolt head. And I've basically destroyed the bolt head. I'm running with no belt for A/C, which is nice and quiet, but I still have no idea how to get this bolt out.

  2. Do you have a torch? You could try blasting it with that for a few seconds.

    I'm pretty sure my car is put together entirely with Torx bolts. It's weird.
  3. easiest way is to weld a nut onto it and use said nut to use a shocket and rachet to screw it out.

    you can also try (if you have room) to get some vice grips on the exterior of the bolt head.

    also if you could get a picture of what this looks like I can tell you how to avoid this in the future.
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  5. You need to remove the fan to give you proper room to work with.

    Considering the heads is already stripping, you may no longer be able to remove it with the torx bits. Will need a properly sized screw extractor, three left-handed drill bits, drill and machine oil.

    First drill bit will be used to make a centered pilot hole, second bit used to open it up some more and third bit is the size the extractor needs to fit. Continually apply machine oil to the drill bit as you drill into the bolt, otherwise the bit will overheat, dull and/or break.

    Put the screw extractor into the hole and turn counter clockwise until it grabs, then give it a solid whack to make sure it is seated. Then use the t-handle and turn counter-clockwise with steady force.
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  7. There's nothing wrong with torx. There's a lot of surface area on between the head and driver, so you should be able to get a fair amount of purchase on it. But the depth of the head needs to be proportional to the bit size, so this bolt just doesn't make any sense.

    And fordmans has a pretty good summary of my situ. The head is wide and flat, so no way to really wrench on it any way other than with a torx driver, but someone did a number on that even before I made it worse. Gonna have to get the fan out if I want to get tools on it, because there are no EZ outs short enough to work in the space I've got.

    I think I'm just going to do what tscm suggests though. Seems much easier in the long run. The bolt will probably come free with little effort, it just sucks that I cant get any torque on it as is.

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