I've heard 3.4s 0-60mph

Discussion in '2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1' started by lt4, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. i think that its slower because it has smaller wheels than the other one.
  2. this is the best car in the world but hennessy viper venom 1000TT is still faster
  3. what do you mean indies? this is a car forum and not a cat forum lol
  4. Chav
  5. God I love the indies.
  6. The indies are like an uncharted territory deep in the jungle, you never know what kind of shit you can find here
  7. I've heard 3.3 in Road and Track (website)

    I don't want to argue or try to support a side
  8. 2nd best US car behind the Saleen S7 TT!
  9. if the nissan gtr does it in 3.5 then the corvette is at least 3.0s because they weigh the same and the corvette has a lot more power
  10. indies = Individual Car Forums

    such as this one. This is a forum for an individual car.

    regular members of the main forums watch over the indies for entertainment. pretty much everyone who posts in here is an idiot.
  11. you're forgetting one thing

    AWD Vs RWD
  13. Well looks like your an f*ckin' idiot, too. Simply, for the fact you just contradicted yourself in 22 words. Congratulations, dumba*s for making yourself THE biggest f*ckin' dumba*s in a quote, " indes (or individual car forum)," MFC!!!
  14. Do, YOU realise there also ROTFL there a*ses off at you, too???

    f*ckin' retarded M.R.!!!
  15. WOW, if only I had more than 1,000 posts, I'd report YOUR a*s in a milisecond, MFC!!
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    Hey, jacka*s what's the top speed of the Nissan GTR??? OH...yeah isn't 191mph thereabout?!?!

    So, REALLY it doesn't matter about the driveline when it can perform like this can! Oh...almost forgot to tell you its Nordschliefe lap time is 7:26.70sec lap time driven by Toshio Suzuki, on April 23, 2009.

    Oh...also here's the C6 ZR1s lap time as well, 7:26.4sec driven by Jim Mero, on June 27, 2008. All of this information comes to you by way of this link; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/N%C3%BCrburgring_lap_times , hoped you enjoyed it, MFC!!!
  17. You can do that with less than a 1,000
    There's an actual report link and all, use it.
  18. The Murcielago isnt in production anymore yet im sure the LP 670-4 would be a good comparison.

    The Lamborghini Aventador is out and will in production and has a 0-60 time of 2.9 sec.
    With 700 hp and less than 3500 lbs its going to be very fast.

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