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  1. So if anyone else has moved here, send me a PM.

    It's been huge for my wife and I to move on from her illness. Her disease is actually more common in Japan than any other country, so we are comfortable with her care, and I like to move every two or so years, so 5 years in Wisconsin was a bit much, as much as we liked the place.

    She has been in remission for over a year now. It's not a curable disease, but are encouraged.
  2. congrats on moving to Japan and glad to hear your wife is doing well
  3. Good to hear about the care. May I ask what illness it is?
  4. I can only wish your wife a quick recovery. Good luck with your new life in Japan.
  5. Aplastic Anemia. Essentially her immune system attacked her bone marrow and thus, no more immune system.
  6. Hope your wife gets well, or at least better, soon. Tokyo is an awesome city.
  7. Aside from finding mayonnaise in unexpected places (pizza, rice dishes, and bakery items to name a few) I've really liked it. Always some kind of celebration to attend.
  8. Now you can get some fully sik JDM car like a V12 Toyota Century
  9. or a God damn Skyline GTR
  10. he needs to drive this

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  11. Is your wife Japanese? Did you have any connections in Japan prior to moving there?
  12. Ayyyy I'm in South Korea! Hope you guys have Air Conditioning, because I am absolutely dying in this heat/humidity.

    Where in Tokyo are you? I might have some recommendations on good places to eat! Depending on what you like, that is.
  13. I'm jealous

    You get to be in these nice cities and I have to stay here <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

  14. Did you have to go there after crashing your Monte Carlo through a new housing development?
  15. Did you have to go there after crashing your Monte Carlo through a new housing development?
  16. I hear Tokyo, China is a very good hiding place
  17. I would move to Tokyo
  18. Oh yeah, but it's just a great place to live. Tokyo is very first rate, but the rest of China isn't.
  20. i'd be interested to know what sort of visa it is.
  21. No she is from Idaho. She is working on her dissertation at Waseda University. I'm just working as a conversation partner for the 2 years we plan to live here. It's a nice change of pace from office work.

    Edit: she is on a 3 year student visa, I'm on a dependent visa with part time work. I'll be applying for a full time job this coming spring, then I'll be on a work visa. It's actually pretty decent money here. With the right teaching job you can get you're housing paid with a decent salary. I've got a few friends that are staying longer term to pay down their student loans.
  22. We have Air-Con, thank god. I'd be dead without it. I'm living near hana koganei station, a few stops on the express from takadanobaba. We didn't have any guidance for finding an apartment and did it all online, we are a little further out than we'd like, but take the train closer to Shinjuku/Baba just about every day. I'm open to pretty much anything, most of our friends are college age still and they tend to eat and fast food most of the time, it's been hard to figure out where to go for high quality dinner.

    What took you to S. Korea? We are planning a trip to Seoul for some conference next spring.
  23. Definitely. I hear its really xenophobic however and if its anything like how Ukraine was Id feel a bit out of place.
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    Ah yeah, it's not so bad with the good transit system! I've spent a fair bit of time in Tokyo and the downtown core can really feel pretty exhausting after a while to me.

    If you're in Shinjuku pretty often, I would say to make sure you check out Fuunji Tsukemen! Its usually got a decent lineup, but I would love to hear what you think about it! http://www.ramenadventures.com/2010/11/fuunji-in-shinuku.html

    Seoul is school - girlfriend is here as well. Been doing some work with the Canadian embassy etc... I'm really not used to this climate though haha.

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